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No more sitting in a corner going 1-0 with the new ghost
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Originally Posted by JohnGalt View Post

No more sitting in a corner going 1-0 with the new ghost

Now sitting in corner, frantically strafing left and right.

Intriguing options. I suspect I will unlock Perk 1 Greed and it will never leave my bar. Easy route to running Ghost and Hardline (or lightweight)? Tier 3 is the wild card, is sound whoring going to be viable or a no go? Will the perks unlock early, or will the noobs be powerless to killstreaks again?

Select fire = pick burst or full auto is interesting depending on speed of switch. Sleight of Hand Pro is now built into attachments? RDS + silencer an easy option again? I hope knife range is limited, otherwise look for lots of annoying no primary speed ninjas. Also looks like no secondary cheese, launcher or pistol or gtfo.
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I am not worried. I will adapt and over come. I am going to change my game tag soon. Any good ideas?
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Is "sucktheshitoutofmyasshole" too long?
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I'd recommend changing it to deucesroommate
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so mad
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Some of the ones I thought of earlier have been taken.
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Or prohibited, more likely
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ill pick up black ops by next week ... mauro's orders
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why so long - amazon prime that shit
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im out of town from thurs to next wed. gonna say hey to krish
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i have a feeling there is an obvious joke in there somewhere
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He so mad
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Finally watched a little bit of multiplayer gameplay for BO2, looks pretty fun.
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what would be even more fun is if you joined us nightly for are ass kickings we give people.
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