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i don't even know what's going on in here anymore.
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He got served?
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Now he mad^
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y'all better be on tonight
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everyone was online except for capt.kettle korn
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What don't you like here? I think the customization in class creation sounds interesting and it favors the experienced player. I'm not happy about more remote equipment ala RCXD, but as long as they are farther up the killstreak range it will be less rage-inducing. I don't see the mm scanner being too powerful. The screenshots look 10x cleaner than MW3. Ladder play is interesting.

I played about a week of MW3 before chucking it but see myself getting a lot of play out of BO2.
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no. i actually like the concepts. my statement was merely a quote from the great Mauro Farinelli.

the score streak is similar to the support package in MW3. i like that. the will have to make the powerful ones pretty damn high though. piecing together 10 kills to get a pavelow will be easy. it would have to be like 2000 points or whatever they come up with. pretty sure they have that figured out.

as long as they don't ass up nuketown, i'll be happy.
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Lark is not going to be happy. I think Gump and Doc will benefit the most from the new system.
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He mad. No dropshotting
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I <3 dropshotting

I like the idea of point streaks rather than killstreaks - i rarely get very high killstreaks (maybe 1 or 2 8-9 kill streaks per night) but often have very high scores.

demi will be livid over the mmw scanner.

hellstorm missile sounds sick. league play will be cool if teams can go in - we can wreck some fools.

lamborghini mercy
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Could care less about everything else as long as last stand and sniper quickscoping are gone. Demi's correct. Those two piece of shit concepts being a thing of the past should benefit me greatly.
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