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He mad
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So mad.
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I agree, madness may be had by him.
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Originally Posted by JohnGalt View Post

who the fuck cares about accuracy? if your accuracy is ~30%, as you claim, then you are hiding in a corner sniping like a pussy. k/d is the true arbiter of skill.
now please proceed to eat a bag of dicks.
PS: I shat in your mom's fish tank last night

Originally Posted by BDC2823 View Post

Fuck accuracy. Seriously, I think accuracy can be improved if you play core matches more than anything. Case in point, I play hardcore, it's theoretically a one shot kill. But if I spray x amount of bullets right into the enemy, how many bullets don't register because the enemy got killed by the first bullet, yet isn't readily apparent to me due to lag or other factors? So, I may spray 10 bullets into the enemy, the first couple kill him, and the others don't register, but they were still dead on him, while in core they would be registering. So accuracy doesn't if you use shotties or some other weapons like snipers, you're accuracy is going to be higher than assault rifles, which I use.
You're k/d sucks. Yes some guys (187) play objective games that stack the odds in their favor as they hide in some area near where everyone is going to go and pick people off pretending like they are good. But really, you're a good player if you have a good k/d in deathmatch/free-for-all or other scenarios based on straight kills and not some objective. However, my k/d took a shit in objective games like dropzone where I focus on getting to that area and getting points... but your k/d will suffer since the entire enemy team knows where I'm at as I'm holding a small area. That took my MW3 k/d (which is lower than past COD games to around 1.7. But Hardcore Teamdeathmatch is around 2 and hardcore free-for-all around 3.
Can't wait for Blackops 2, since without last stand and quickscoping, I anticipate my k/d skyrocketing.

A lot of mad has kicked off icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

John Galt How is being very accurate NOT a sign of skill? It means I aim and snap onto target much more skilfully. My gaming style is to use an assault rifle (G36) with extreme conditioning for most classes, and I moderately run and gun - usually patrolling a couple of points. If you want to confirm my accuracy is ~ 33% then add me as friend on xbox, I'll pm you my gamertag.

You can still be mobile and be very accurate, it's just a matter of keeping the reticle raised and where you think the enemy might be, so if you're running towards buildings, have your screen focused on the doorway. Then if someone pops into view, as soon as you aim down sight you're already very close to on target. My accuracy was 18% but I just practiced and got it up over a few months.

BDC - Hardcore does favour spraying bullets definitely as you can get a kill by spraying, as it's a one or two shot kill, and therefore can be a less accurate game. In the situation you say of keeping firing but shots not registering - just fire in 3 or 4 round bursts bro, and that solves the problem.

I play a mix of games - core TDM and domination, and I also play a lot of Hardcore mosh
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Xbox Live down; Microsoft at work on a fix

Company says on its Xbox Live Status page that users are not able to sign in to Xbox Live from an Xbox console or from

Xbox Live users are unable to access the online-gaming service, Microsoft has confirmed.

The software company has taken to both its Twitter account and its Service Status page to inform users that Xbox Live is experiencing "difficulties." The Xbox Live Status page specifically says that users are currently unable to sign in to Xbox Live from their Xbox 360 or via

"We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue," Microsoft wrote on the Status page. "We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience."

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i just got on xbox and see ppl playing online? i havent tried to get on a game personally yet.
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what is going on in here.
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People complaining like always
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Originally Posted by bob_gnarly View Post

People complaining like always

they mad
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Ouray, CO for lark?
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maybe you want to pay your bills and you won't have that problem.
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It's lark - not poppa

mw3 sucks
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good point.

DK- we have played with you before and you sucked. I am sure you still suck but if you want to test your skillz out against us you may. Feel free to get your ass hurt.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

good point.
DK- we have played with you before and you sucked. I am sure you still suck but if you want to test your skillz out against us you may. Feel free to get your ass hurt.

I wasn't too bad actually, especially as I didn't play hardcore much on MW2. You guys did camp a great deal on Hardcore TDM, and also took the game very seriously. That said I'm honest enough to say your team was very good and very tactical!

You also have to understand it was 3am when I played with you guys and I was on a US connection so had loadsss of lag wink.gif Sure I'd like to play again, I'll pm for your gamertag and I'm online tonight
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now that was fun
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