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10-1 says that rape and family die was one of us.
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stupid slags
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I can't black ops anymore. That game is frustrating. I don't know why my stress level goes up at that and not mw3.
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You're level.
Mw3 you have all the weapons and perks you want.
Black ops you're relatively low level because of prestige. Weapons, pro-perks are gone as well as the infrequent playing. It's a different game dude.
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No.thats not there reason. It's the hit detection and lag. We will still and always will dominate but it's beyond frustrating to play a game when you know you hit when it doesn't register.
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I don't get the issues you guys do with black ops. If anything it's much more peaceful.
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no, its not. We have a system and the system is proven. When we can't use our system things get ugly, frustration sets in and then things get ugly.
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Our system works on most. But 9/10 when we are actually challenged, half you fuckers rage quit or bail on lobby.
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we aren't actually challenged. 99.9999% of the time when rage is involved it is because of lag and/or hit detection
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best news EVAR
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Got my accuracy to 32.9% last night and my K/D ratio to 1.2. Now my accuracy is way up, I'm going for a KD of 1.5 (which will take months!)
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you suck.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post

you suck.

My rant on here a few months back was out of order, and I apologise. What's your accuracy and KD anyhow?
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