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What's black ops
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must have meant Black OUT

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I want to do the zombie thing !!! I heard they were also bringing it over to the U.S.
Let's do it!!!!!
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7 days with no posts, bubba in self imposed exile. It seems we have departed until the release of black ops 2...
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We will all be on after game of thrones, Sunday
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on tonight
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alrighty then
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Tomorrow night. Wedding Friday so I'll be back Saturday.
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anyone planning on playing tonight?
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i'll be on after game of thrones
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On later as well.
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Sexual harassment in the world of video gaming
The world of video gaming has a problem with sexual harassment. The number of women gamers is growing fast - in the US they now make up 42% of the total - but it remains a macho environment, where women are often exposed to abusive language.

(The language in this report reflects that reality.)

"Get back in the kitchen and take your goddamn hands off a video game controller."

The male voices are aggressive, even angry. Their put-downs are laced with strong swearing and sexual insults.

"Stupid bitch," says one. "Fat whore," adds another.

"I hope your boyfriend beats you. Nah, you can't get a boyfriend."

The tirade of abuse ends and Jenny Haniver laughs.

"Get back in the kitchen?" she says. "I'm not in the kitchen because I'm here kicking your ass on video games, that's what I'm good at."

We're sitting in her living room in Wisconsin, listening to audio recordings she makes when she goes online to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It's a combat-based video game, where players can talk to each other via headsets.

The recordings end up on Haniver's website, Not in the Kitchen Any More. She plays in the evening after college and says most nights she'll have to deal with harassment of some kind. Some of it just puerile, but some is graphic and threatening.

"This enemy player backed out of the middle of the match and sent me a voice message," Haniver says, remembering her worst experience. He said he hoped she would be raped and she and her family killed.

Amazingly, this is not uncommon.

Another website, Fat, Ugly or Slutty, posts examples of harassment from all games - mostly pictures of in-game messages that women receive from other gamers.

"[There's] a plethora of stupidity when it comes to what women receive in online games," says Grace, one of the site's co-founders.

"There are some people who can't even look at Fat, Ugly or Slutty because it reminds them too much of their lives, it upsets them too much," she says. "A lot of people have just walked away from online play entirely."

Remainder of article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18280000
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she plays hardcore kill confirmed too
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Damn harsh people out there haha. I recently played against a couple of girls with my brother in 2v2. They were verbally abusive to me lol. Even though I put a wreck on them and made them quit, and I did send them a message after they backed out.
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