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"put peanut butter on your cunt and let the dog eat it. The guys are trying to play a game here"
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Played mw1 modded shit. Playing mw2 cluster fuck of bullshit
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No, this clown we used to be friends with from high school. I like the idea that he was carrying 1 hollowpoint bullet.
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lol mauro my gf mad.
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I would like to announce my intent to challenge member BDC2823 to a match in Fifa 10 (or Fifa 11 if I can get my hands on it). get at me son.
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I have returned. Anyone on Tonite?
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lag is unreal. i'm traveling over the next couple days so won't be on.
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a lot of people have been having lag problems from what i hear. How are everybody's connections? I bought a long ass ethernet cable to hook up directly to the xbox and really dont have lag issues like i use to.
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I will be on tonight. I have a wireless (G, not N) connection to my router (which is a room over), and usually my only lag spikes are from other people lagging. I rarely have a problem with lag.
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haven't touched it since mauro's thursday night meltdown. i don't ever experience ridic levels of lag like others. i've had some bad nights. got an email for beta testing Elite.
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Ive got to continue quitting while I'm ahead. I had some stellar games (for me) last night, so when I dropped, I dropped happy instead of filled with misplaced rage to be taken out on wife and dogs.
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I'm in touch with that emotion.
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where was everyone last night? ;(
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