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oh man. they are great. if you want more, let me know. i surfaced out of my basement to do human things such as eat and shower. back to lair soon. graphics are a little underwhelming. the structures and objects are fine. the characters are a little lacking. the game is really balanced. no map seems to have the IT spot to go to, like invasion or skid row. the map selection is nice. i think it's an infinite loop where you can select the previous map you play, the next one in line, or random. mauro is excited. i like it. whatever you guys do, buy the Enfield gun. it's full auto and accurate. 100x better than the m16.
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Doc Holliday was at gamestop when they opened at 10 AM and is getting ready to insert the disc into the xbox.
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Originally Posted by BDC2823 View Post
Doc Holliday was at gamestop when they opened at 10 AM and is about to be greatly disappointed when he inserts the disc into the xbox.

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all in all, so far so good, IMO. the only thing that really lacks is the kill streak sound effects. they are bad.
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can't wait to get the fuck outta here and play! How is the sniping? ive heard its kinda weak...
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I haven't sniped a lot but it doesn't seem as refined as mw2.

People haven't been sniping. Lots of running around.

Once you guys get high enough, buy the sub machine gun ak47u. It's ridic.
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That was my favorite gun in Cod4. What level do you get it at?
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deuce: k/d ratio?
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If anyone would like a UK Pal version - I will be selling mine.
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Kill death around 1.00. I have awesome games then shit ones.
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in all honesty I enjoy the game just as much as MW2. It's a different feel. I am not sure technology is were it has to be to get a game that we all think is "perfect".
Sniping is for sure harder . Treyarch did fuck that up. However the guns and killstreak are cool. I called in a napalm streak and a gunship! I got to steer and fire. that was fun in itself.
You need to play as a team for sure in black-ops.

I give it a 8.5 as well which is damn good. I like a lot of the maps. The game has potential for sure.
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Originally Posted by nakedundermyclothes View Post

I would buy this game.
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I was rolling earlier, ended the night with a 1.52 KD. Sorry I didnt play when invited, i just felt like i had to learn the maps and guns before playing hardcore. I like it but damn the spawns on summit are f'd in the a. probably half my kills tonight were because of weird spawns. I tried to snipe once, looked down the scope and changed classes right after that. Things don't feel as precise as mw2. Overall not bad but nothing ground breaking. Just something new to play.
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