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Originally Posted by Slopho View Post
WHAT?!?!?!? FU!!! Ace had no deaths that round as usual. Ace only dies when the Thumper Humper Brian starts tubing!!

Ace carries the whole team....I'm invaluable...don't you people see that??

it sounds like you are angry....

or perhaps mad
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U MAD, U MAD!! Why U so MAD???
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
That's bullshit. If we really stayed on our side of the map we would destroy on skidrow. It would be boring for a few of the guys but we would crush it. Meaning no one could be in the fork lift room or the middle building at all!
We would sooooooooo crush it.

same goes for wasteland. Claymore at the tunnels and guys securing tunnels and two on eac h side of the church and tank yard we would crush.

I have faith in team SF.

Unlike last night were I tried that running class? wtf was I thinking???

Whoa hold on now. That bolded part is crazy talk. I make my living on skidrow in that middle building. So you guys better not die at all if you wanna kep it under 1,000 as I know I'm going to die a few times up there, but get a ton of kills doing so. Eventually they will figure it out and toss a grenade or a noob tube in there, or Ace will take me out shooting a RPG through the window.
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Paul, package is in the mail. I forgot about you. Threw in a few extra for your enjoyment.

Who is on tonight?
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I probably won't be online til later for you guys (Midnightish EST). Playing with random people just emphasizes how shitty the teammates you can get are. Just went 24-4 on Favela and lost by about 10. I give my team a 20 point cushion and they somehow manage to blow it easily. Mother of God.
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i've completely stopped playing when no one is online. it's not fun 90% of the time. i've been lucky a few times where i get on with a good group, but very rare.

be on around 9ish tonight, bitches.
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I am on and so is the FAYG Digital John
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whos getting on. I'm making pasta and drinkin straight vodka, boyyyyyyy.
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fuck warren.
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this game sucks
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i'm convinced IW has code in there to fuck with people.

i'm retiring until black ops.
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^^^ whatever. I will see you online tonight.
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invite me to the next game. one1eight8sevn7
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Originally Posted by bdeuce22 View Post
i'm convinced IW has code in there to fuck with people.

i'm retiring until black ops.

Yeah, I'm basically done after November 2nd. Fist of the North Star comes out and I plan on playing that non stop.

Also, Mauro, are you still thinking of getting off this site? That was a pretty crazy revelation last night.
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^^ Yes. I mean the fashion side. It's out of control. I will post here on the COD thread for sure.
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