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Which lace up shoes with jeans?

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Forgive my newbness, but im stuck here. Im looking for a dark brown leather, lace up shoe to wear with slim jeans, khakis, cords, and casual trousers. will be going with a nice slim sportshirt.

what should I go with? sock suggestions? i dont want sneakers, or anything too dressy either. i am baffled by shoes. i dont know why.
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I find suede or something else non-shiny does the trick. The only lace-up shoes I wear with jeans would be my 2-eyelet dark brown suede church's.
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Personally I don't think dress shoes or variations thereof look good with jeans. Sneakers or 'causal' shoes are your best bet; I concur that suede looks fantastic with jeans.
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I disagree as I never use my suit pants but slim $$ jeans.

I use and like for jeans Canalis, Santonis, NDC etc. whith toe cap.

What looks very bad are those square toes or english fat shoes. I did a test.

Dress shoes whith this shape but handmade are cool
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Use whatever shoes you want in whatever material you want. They're jeans. I'll use chukkas, chelseas, cordovan brogues, loafers, balmorals, derbies, Chuck Taylors, etc. It really doesn't matter with jeans. If I could only have one, I'd go with chukkas.
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Personally, I'd go with a fairly sleek boot. Like this (but something that's a better deal and preferably a pull-on):,pd.html
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