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I bought graphic IPS display in order to see true colors of my graphics and photos. Thanks to that I can see how my work will look like printed. :)

Its quite cheap but provides great quality typical for much more expensive professional displays.

NEC MultiSync EA244WMi

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A Roland D550... Dreamy pad sounds, apparently it was used in the score for the Lynch series Twin Peaks - might have to break out a flannel shirt when I play it :P

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...a new phone. The old HTC M8 died on me and I was borrowing an iPhone 5s for able a month but that had to go back yesterday. I wasn't willing to wait for the M10 to come out so I "settled" on a Galaxy S7 (no edge) So far so good
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I've been thinking about one of those although I am tempted to see what Nexus devices come out this year.

Still a little bigger than I would like, but my buddy just got one and it seems like a really nice phone. Battery life and water resistance are big plusses to me.
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I can't stand the Samsung software though. If I had to go Android, nexus or nothin.
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Sounds like they have really cut back on the touchwiz crap and that you can disable most of what is left.
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

I can't stand the Samsung software though. If I had to go Android, nexus or nothin.


It's my first Samsung.  Feels a lot more solid (read: expensive) than the old old all plastic galaxy.  Slightly smaller than the HTC but thankfully not nearly as slippery....that didn't stop me from dropping it on the pavement last saturday morning though.  It landed on its side so all was well.  Camera seems pretty good but I've only snapped about 10 pics so far.  Screen is very sensitive to the touch.  Threw a couple basic apps: mediamonkey to play my music, nike running for when I'm ..well..running or  riding, parking apps, etc.  A fingerprint scanner is about the only thing I envied Apple users for having and now I have one too! (nanny nanny boo boo)

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Bought a JP1-compatible remote to control my TV, receiver, and HTPC with one control. Also picked up a USB FLIRC receiver dongle because I wasn't happy with my old one (came free with some other shitty remote).

This thing is awesome. Great simple remote. I have a much more expensive logitech Harmony that I hate--they try to be too user-friendly, and it backfires when the devices get out of sync.

This one is programmable using "JP1" (the same system your generic Comcast Cable or whatever remote is based on). The software is a little janky compared to the Harmony stuff, but I think I actually could have done all of the programming I needed with just the remote buttons.

Now I've got it mostly set up (might swap a couple of buttons that I never use for other features), and it is great. Nice feeling buttons, a backlight that automatically turns on when I pick up the remote, and it only cost $17.
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Saris Bones for fiddy beans

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Nice rack

For real though
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Nice rack

For real though


I have an old crappy Rhode Gear rack that scratches frames plus you have to lash down each bike.  It is a pain in the ass.  My buddy has a 3 that he bought at retail price and that I've always liked



Then I saw a 2 on craigslist for ultra cheap but it was up in Southern Jersey.  I was going to have my little brother pick it up since he is just a bridge away (Philly) but he was leaving to go to a conference.  Would you believe the lady rejected all other offers and held on to it until he came back because I was first to contact her?  I was shocked. 


He brought it down on Sunday and it is in perfect condition.  No UV damage, no rub marks or wear & tear on arms or legs, no wear and tear on the bike straps and the nylon rack straps have no snags.  It literally looks fresh form the box.  All for $50 

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New furniture from Minotti
Sofa, armchair, two coffee tables, nested end tables, bed, night stands, dining table and chairs.

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