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Needed something a bit bigger for brewing beer so I ended up at marshalls and got a good deal on a 12qt stock pot

My mom has the 8qt version and I liked enough that I wanted to buy one myself to replace my 6qt stock pot...the 12qt didn't really feel that much bigger, so this is perfect.
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Finally upgrading my sound system:


Been using a soundbar with piss-poor sound quality for too long, time to finally watch my favorite movies in style!

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I bought this setup fairly recently, after listening to music from my laptop for the last few years, it was a VERY welcome change.








Eventually going to get a Synology AIR NAS so I can just have that permanently connected to the DAC and then wirelessly control it via my laptop or phone. Also a turntable, electric blue 2methylbulbe1ol EP is begging to be played properly.

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Do you plan to upgrade your speakers soon?
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Yeah, you. I was just curious since you've allocated little money to the speakers as opposed to amps, cdps, dacs etc. Anyway, just curious, not trying to be a dick. I'm sure you've done the right decision given your needs.
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The speakers actually came in a pack with the amp and cd player, so the whole thing was real value for money at around £380.


To be honest I don't think I'll need to upgrade them anytime in the near future, I'm still just renting a room in flatshares as London prices are so high, so I don't need anything with any more oomph than those provide.


Once I've got some more space I'll definitely want to upgrade to something a little more powerful though, the dream would be to just live in a warehouse with a stack of these:



One can always dream...

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Still, you decided to get bass reflex boxes and a subwoofer. Not the most delicate option. wink.gif
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The speakers are actually pretty poor with the low frequencies, which made listening to tracks like Loefah's Mud VIP a  worthless endeavour, hence the need for the sub. I do tend to listen to a lot of music that makes more use of the lower frequencies so these are working for me at the moment.


My opinion would probably completely change if I were to listen to a noticeably better system, though I think my hearing may not be the best after days spent partying in front of giant stacks. I just like my music to punch me in the gut every now and again.

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Aye - enjoy! You might want to look into the RaspberryPi as a media player, or a simple BluRay-Player/PS3.
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Thanks, I'll look into that!


Do you have any suggestions for better speakers for me to look into?

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A good guideline is that the speakers should cost the most in a setup. Amps, DACs (and especially cd players) are pretty much "maxed out" technically-wise so investing a lot in these and going cheap on the speakers is sub-par. You may also want to consider not getting a turntable, unless you just really want one. CDs are superior, in pretty much every regard (unless you're a DJ and want to do some scratching--won't work with a CD wink.gif). You can get a used CDP for 20€ that won't create any errors. Any higher end CDP either have marketing bullshit built in (belt driver comes to mind!) or offer some secondary features, like a very good display. Turntables benefit from various things, so the output gets better with better components (though not better than with CDs). A very important aspect is your room and where you want to place the speakers. I'd suggest you read a little on a more specialized forum with more knowledgeable people than I, in case you're interested. Also, don't buy any expensive cables.
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Do any of you guys have a set of wireless headphones for your TV? Thought about getting some for when I like to stay up watching tv and the lady is sleeping.
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Funded the kickstarter for one of these after w/a posted about it on facebook:
As I write this there is still *one* left at the $60 price....hopefully it works out and is a good thing.
Originally Posted by gort View Post

Do any of you guys have a set of wireless headphones for your TV? Thought about getting some for when I like to stay up watching tv and the lady is sleeping.

I have a set that I use when I ride my bike on rollers while watching tv (it makes enough noise that you have to turn the speakers up really loud to hear and using a wired headphone is tough since you need a long extension and it could get caught in the spinning parts).

I picked up some Sony MDR-RF970RK cans off ebay for $35 shipped. They were an old model when I bought them back in december and it looks like the closeout electronics sellers may have moved on to the next model (I did a quick search and they only ones for sale of my model were more expensive). There's nothing wrong with them. They sound fine, but during quiet parts you can tell that they are wireless. I've only once had interference where it sounded like I was picking up a baby monitor in my building, but otherwise they have worked like a charm. They automatically turn on/off when you put them on your head so you won't leave them sitting on somewhere, and the charging base based on electromagnetic fields so you don't have to actually plug them in...just set them in the cradle.

Especially at the price I paid, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. There are some much fancier sennheisers for a lot more money that will sound a bit better and have more reliable transmission (but make sure the model uses KLEER...their lower end ones don't), but for sitting in front of a TV and close to the receiver, you should be ok with normal 900Mhz transmission.
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