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Striped shirts

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I'm pretty sure this topic has been brought up before, but am I the only one that sees the crazy-colored striped dress shirts as being a brief fad? I haven't bought one because I can envision looking at a picture of myself 10 years from now and seeing one of these crazy shirts and regretting it--much like people currently do when they look at pictures of themselves in acid-wash jeans and such.
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it's pretty well over in europe, to some degree i've noticed that although stripes are still in, they are more subdued and subtle than the really loud items that are being pushed in north america right now there are exceptions though, such as etro and paul smith
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If you like them, jump on it but don't expect them to last long, fashionwise. The crazy ones already look dated on my side of the pond so I wouldn't spend large money. Buy them at Zara or someother place that won't have you loose your shirt (oh I'm so clever.) B
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Can't say that I'll ever be disappointed with a Paul Smith striped shirt.
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Also check out http://www.jantzentailor.com/ So far I've heard great things about them.
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IMO, the issue is whether or not you like them. Some definitely have the "fad" look for my tastes and so I shy away from them. But a couple did catch my eye, enough so to make me want to buy them. Will I wear them a year from now? Who knows. Sometimes you have to do what feels right for the moment, provided it is legal and hurts no one. And who among us can look back at some pictures from our past without saying "what was I thinking?". I say, if you like them, then go for it.
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That brings me to another question...and I may be the only one, but when I get clothes I try to look ahead and see if this will be a thing that I can wear for a while and, more importantly, that I won't regret two or three years from now. Of course, that may be because I'm a college Resident Assistant who doesn't get paid much, and don't have the money to take a jump on a trend (that admittedly does look really good right now). I do go with the trends, with fit and some styles, but I don't want a "Hammer-pants" moment. But again, I may the be the only one.
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You aren't the only one thininking ahead. I try to make sure I'm not just purchasing on a whim and that I'll want to wear an article of clothing many times. After all, if you take a $40 shirt and wear it 40 times over a couple of years, it only cost you $1/outing.
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