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I'll have to try finding a lamb belly.
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Looks good, otc. Was that a packer's cut or just a flat?

It was the smallest packer I could find. Anything bigger before shrinkage wouldn't fit in my smoker in one piece. Something like 7.5 or 8 lbs before trimming.

Injected it with beef broth prior to smoking.
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Nice man! How long did you let it go for? I've smoked mine for about 12 hrs each time and they've been really good. Beter than some BBQ competition winners who catered one of our corporate parties... Only thing I've been smoking lately have been shoulders... think I need to smoke a couple of duck breasts again.

I can't quite recall. Took longer than expected. Since it was tiny for a packer, I was worried it would cook too fast...and since I was doing it overnight, I would wake up to a dead piece of meat. So I put off starting it until late and planned to not foil it.

Ended up having to foil it in the morning and even bump the temps to get it done in time. Definitely more than 12 hours. Then wrapped in towels and dropped into a cooler for at least an hour to rest.

Seems to me like the key was to slice and eat very quickly...if you let the brisket sit for any length of time after slicing, the meat dries out fast... Gotta slice a few pieces, place on bread, and hand to a hungry person.
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Made some Thai Isan style pork sausages recently...

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This thread is my safe space.
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Just ordered a 5lb stuffer. Using stuffer tubes on the hand grinder was a pain and led to sub-par results.

Have a couple pork shoulders in the freezer...not sure yet what I want to make.
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Nice! What did you get? LEM?

For an interesting twist try adding a bunch of frozen sweet peas to the mix before you stuff your meat. Really makes fresh sausage more interesting. Haven't tried this with smoked sausage, but I think that could be even more fun. Will try this when I get some more casings... If you would like to try this first, OTC, I'd love to hear what you think.
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A hint with the stuffer: rub vegetable oil on the rubber ring. You have to pop it off and wash it after use and the oil makes it slide on the inside of the hopper better and I think will increase longevity of the piece.
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Got the one from northern tool instead of the LEM. It has plastic gears, but they should be fine for my purposes, and it was only $79 with a coupon.
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That looks pretty much like mine except for the plastic gears. You don't put so much pressure on it that this will make a difference. So that red rubber ring is what I was talking about oiling.
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Renting a new place. It has a nice big patio area and Im excited to be grilling and smoking more.

Thing is, they have a strict no charcoal policy. How can safely break the rules?

I know there are some "hybrid grills" but not a wide selection. Anyone ever use them? I'm also thinking of getting a gas grill and just gutting it and using it as a charcoal grill and have an empty propane tank just for show. Of course, the patio is out of eyesight so maybe I can just get a small charcoal grill and no one will ever notice or complain about the smell?
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Get a grillery and grill with wood.
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Wood crossed my mind. I assume there would be problems with uneven cooking, and it would be even slower than charcoal to get started.

I've looked at a lot of the hybrid grills. There are few, and they don't have the highest reviews. The best seems to be this grill by Char-Broil. This is the best pic I could find:

Propane burners are below this tray. It heats the tray which ignites the charcoal. That's fine, but you cant bunch the charcoal up because there's is only enough room for a single layer.

This is very frustrating. I think I'm going to send a gift to the property manger for taking care of us during the rental process then just buy a charcoal grill. Maybe no one start trouble with my charcoal grilling, and if they do, the response from the property manger will be softened by the gift. I can't stand neighbors and rules. When my grandmother was alive she lived in a nice apartment complex. One of the batty old women living in a unit never owned a car, but she memorized everyone's parking spot and would look out her window every day to report violators.
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