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I'll have to try finding a lamb belly.
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Looks good, otc. Was that a packer's cut or just a flat?

It was the smallest packer I could find. Anything bigger before shrinkage wouldn't fit in my smoker in one piece. Something like 7.5 or 8 lbs before trimming.

Injected it with beef broth prior to smoking.
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Nice man! How long did you let it go for? I've smoked mine for about 12 hrs each time and they've been really good. Beter than some BBQ competition winners who catered one of our corporate parties... Only thing I've been smoking lately have been shoulders... think I need to smoke a couple of duck breasts again.

I can't quite recall. Took longer than expected. Since it was tiny for a packer, I was worried it would cook too fast...and since I was doing it overnight, I would wake up to a dead piece of meat. So I put off starting it until late and planned to not foil it.

Ended up having to foil it in the morning and even bump the temps to get it done in time. Definitely more than 12 hours. Then wrapped in towels and dropped into a cooler for at least an hour to rest.

Seems to me like the key was to slice and eat very quickly...if you let the brisket sit for any length of time after slicing, the meat dries out fast... Gotta slice a few pieces, place on bread, and hand to a hungry person.