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Dak's "Made in Canada" Shell Cordovan

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I found a pair of what appear to be Dak's shell cordovan longwings that were Made in Canada. Pulled them out of the back of my fathers closest. He thinks they are at least 15 years old. The shell appears to be in a good shape, with minimal brushing with a horse hair brush I was able to bring some of the shine back. The fact they were so easy to restore leads me to believe they may not be real shell, as I've read about shell and it seems they are very sensitive to drying out.

Anyone know anything about Dak's and whether they were producing real shell? Whether they are real or not they look nice, not a particularly elegant last, but I'm wearing them with jeans today, they have a nice think leather sole that appears to be very sturdy.
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They definitely made real shell. Very nice shoes. I believe the company is defunct now.
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Is this the same company?

If so, it seems to be very much alive (no longer made in Canada, but English made and Goodyear...).
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Originally Posted by imageWIS View Post
Is this the same company?

If so, it seems to be very much alive (no longer made in Canada, but English made and Goodyear...).

Huh. I stand corrected. Seems, however, they are not making shell anymore. They also seem to be in some way connected with Church's.
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Yes, it appearts Dack's is the proper name. The label inside is so worn it appeared to me as "Daks" but upon closer inspection I see it is indeed Dack's.
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I would like to see photos of your dads cordovans if possible.
If they were made in Canada, the youngest they would be is 1999.
Dack's moved the Canada manufacturing operations to Mexico around 1996-1999 (to present).
I'm sure it's well known, they also carry re-branded Cheaneys ($495CDN),
which will be their higher end. The Cheaneys Scotch Grain Wingtip they carry is sweet.
To be fair, some of the made in Mexico models are quite nice and very reasonable at retail.
Comfort of the Mexico models are on par with (imo) say, Bruno Magli's and retail for $200-$400 (CDN)
Once per year Dack's has their anniversary blowout sale that lasts for a few weeks usually around December-January.
They did used to make shoes in shell cordo, as well as unstretched Antelope, Bison and other leathers.
I used to have 2 pairs in Antelope (16 years) but recently donated them out of 'at-the-time' boredom; a decision I now regret because the textures were quite beautiful.
I still have several pair of Dack's that I enjoy and swear by them. Rock solid, reliable and comfortable.
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As requested, sorry for the poor quality. You will see "Made in Canada" on the sole.

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Those aren't shell; shell doesn't crease like that.
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I have the same pair in black. I know what you mean when you wonder if they are shell. My pair also has shell-like ridges, but in the recesses you see distinct creases, which signifies calf and not shell. Thanks for sharing your photos.I like the color on yours. Great shoes for sure. Your dad would only have worn them for special occasions I would bet, by the minimal wear on them. I'm sure you enjoy wearing yours as I do mine. Sad that we have no more quality dress shoes made in Canada. Here's a few quick shots of your shoes in black (my own pair). They look better in real life as the camera flash kills the finish.
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Thanks for the info, folks. A little disappointed they are in fact not shell, but glad to know none the less.
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