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Jeans & Penny Loafers?

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Any thoughts on jeans with penny loafers?
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As perfect as stockings an suspenders
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Yes, in-fact I wore jeans and penny loafers to go out just last night.
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It's a very trad/preppy look. It's not bad at all, IMO.
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A reliable combination I've never given a moment's thought to.
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I do it all the time.
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Funny, I generally don't like it when I do it. Maybe my pennies are just all wrong...
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Suede penny loafers are nice with jeans
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I like the look myself.
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Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...

I like the look.
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That's what I wore back in law school. It's a good look.
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i do it all the time too.
it depends really on the jeans and loafers though.

i also do bit loafer with jeans too. really, it looks ok
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I would think that would be the most common use of penny loafers.
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I think it's a really awesome look. Over the last several weeks, I've decided I want to overhaul my wardrobe (partly because I haven't bought many pieces of clothing in the last several years, and partly because I want to go for a new look). If you go to the RL website, you can see lots of the jeans/loafers combo.
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jeans and loafers are a classic look, traditional gucci loafer, driving shoe, but be careful with the penny...can work for some, but lets not look like an extra from happy days.
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