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Tee shirt that holds up

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Anyone recommend a readily-available brand that will hold up in the neck area?

All my tee shirts have necks that get very loose after a few washings.

American Apparel any good in this regard? (I'm talking outerwear tees)
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I only have one American Apparel tshirt but it has held up well after many washings. I'm with you on being perturbed by stretched out necks on t's. I like my necks ti-i-ght. A 50/50 blend shirt will probably keep its neck shape better if you don't need to have 100% cotton.
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The only one better than American Apparel for this is Loopwheeler (unavailable in US).
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I find HandM pretty good.
They have a normal fit and a slim fit one.
I find the slim fit one very nice Soft thick material as compared to the normal fit one which is more like AA I assume.
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Another vote for AA.

I have a pretty big head and stretch out necks pretty easily and my AA shirts have held up extremely well.
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Hanes Beefy T & Fruit of the Loom Premiums.
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I have had great luck with JC Penney's TownCraft (blends or 100% cotton) in addition to Lands' End's t-shirts. Both fit well and last forever. The only reason I updated those t-shirts is because of the discoloration over time.

To try something different, I just bought some 2xist from STP. I wouldn't recommend them. They fit tight in the arms (uncomfortably so), are short, and the collars are already starting to... mutate? Great if you are going for the sloppy look, not great for what a t-shirt is really for...
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