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Great houses and cities

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I was reading a post about dream cars, since I prefer to dream of great estates I decided to asked what town and if they know what house would they like to live in. Well mines is in Greenwich,CT and here it is.
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Wow. My American History professor always told me that Connecticut was "God's Country." Now, I know he was absolutely right. It's a little too soon for me to worry about where I want to end up, but I've always loved the mid-Atlantic coast -- specifically Maryland and Virginia.
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Only problem with Greenwich CT, is living there likely means commuting to NYC every morning, and commuting back home in the evenings. That's about an hour each way, depending on where you work. Otherwise, it's a nice house.
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Funny thing is I live in Greenwich, and there are definitely some places I would rather live than here. Actually while a lot of people do commute to NYC, there are a bunch of PE/Hedge funds here in town, so a large portion get to avoid the commute to and from the city. Once you get to know the area there are lots of people who prefer New Canaan, Westport, or even Darien over Greenwich.
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Yes I hear the New Canaan, Darien, ect argument. They are valid especially in the case of New Canaan. But for pure power of name and prestige nothing matches Greenwich. It has its own symphony orchestra and shopping on Greenwich ave. is unbelievable. Greenwich is divided into many areas and some are less desirable than others. Belle Haven is amazing and has a great restaurant in Thomas Hennkelman. As its 4 years straight at either 1 or 2 in Robb Reports Best places to live surveys shows Greenwich is the premier suburb in America. The Back country is very desirable, Round hill looks nice, but has a lot of new developments which is a turn off. And Yes Navy it is "God Country"
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my dream house is one that has not been designed yet, because i plan to do something ultra modern when i have the money. it will be designed to look unlike anything else before it. i have several architects in my family so hopefully this will be a project we can do together. as for location, i don't know yet. the traffic here is getting worse every year. i hate sitting in traffic so alot will depend on where i'm working.
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for me at this point, if I were to live in the USA: California Florida Oregon Washington Texas abroad: UK Switzerland Italy Australia
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You know, I would probably never want to permanently move from San Diego. I love many areas of the country, but nowhere really feels so pleasant to me as ol' SD. I would love to rent for a year or so in the UK or in Japan.
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I think the greatest house in the most beautiful setting in the country is Jefferson's Monticello. Some of the grand houses on the bluffs of Mackinac Island aren't too bad either.
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Guess I'm lucky, I'm pretty much in my dream house... Built in 1866, 12 foot ceilings, brick/stucco, tons of windows, multiple fireplaces... situated in a quiet Historic neighborhood on a wide street, lined with massive trees (my front yard alone has a Pin Oak, a huge River Birch, and an even larger Dutch Elm)... streets are brick, as are the sidewalks, street lamps are "fake" oil lamps though there's talk of restoring them to oil. Sure I think about moving, I'd love to have more room but can't really make that arguement given we already have 3000 sq ft, I'd love to have a 2 car garage instead of the 1 we have now, I'd love to have a basement to myself but I already have my music room... at the end of the day we're staying for a while. Only reason to move now is if we have more kids, other than that, it's the house I'd like to take with me if I ever had to relocate. Besides, if I can find a way to raise the roof about 8 inches, I'll have a livable third floor... yeah  right.
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I think the greatest house in the most beautiful setting in the country is Jefferson's Monticello.
That's such a wonderfully designed estate. I'd love to have anything near the elegance of Jefferson's home.
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I am a city dweller. I am looking forward to a townhouse in mid-town Manhattan or a penthouse up on Hong Kong mid-levels or close to the imperial palace in Tokyo. The other extreme would be a castle in Edinbugh (like Connery).
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