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JOHN LOBB "LORD" any opinions?

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i just purchased a pair on ebay for $140 does anyone own these shoes? if so,are they wearable for outdoor use and are you happy with them,i assume it was a good buy fo the price. i humbly await the shoe gods' replies.
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Aren't these house slippers? I can't imagine wearing them outside.
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naw i'm just a foot soldier for the genovese. .........but they seem like they have normal shoe bottoms
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I bought a pair of green Lord's the other day from eBay (probably from the same vendor as you, he has loads of sizes). Warning - these run VERY small! I had to exchange them for a larger size, which just arrived today. Get at least 1/2 a size bigger than normal and consider a full size up. I settled for 1/2 a size up on the exchange and think it's OK, but YMMV.

They're technically house slippers in my opinion, but I'm also considering wearing them with black tie, just for kicks!

(/waits for combined onslaught of the black tie purists!)
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Very nice. I have worn them outside with jeans or looser trousers that taper somewhat - as they are quite sleek, it's rather a "feminine" look but reminiscent, I think, or court shoes and the like. The authoritative sound of the hard black soles is amazing.
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Originally Posted by whoopee
... reminiscent, I think, or court shoes and the like.

Exactly my thoughts on purchase, which is why I think it's not too bizarre to want to wear them with black tie.

PS, if anyone's reading this, wondering what they look like, here's a quick photo, borrowed from eBay but transferred to my own hosting so as not to steal bandwidth. If the original seller objects to my use of the image, please say so and I'll remove it with pleasure. They're just a better pic than I could hope to take!

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Also, if your initials are JL like mine thankfully are, they are a inexpensive way to get monogrammed slippers.
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$140? Seems like one hell of a bargain.
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Are these available in colours other than green? I really like them...
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Black ones often appear on ebay.
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I want to wear mine Saturday with black tie, but it's raining in New York and they are suede. I had my outfit all planned too. It will have to be standard old patent lace ups.
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I was able to wear them after all.

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Are you rockin' the Dunheel, zjpj? I love that jacket pattern; more so since I own that fabric in a regular suit.
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Dunhill it is!
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I bought a black pair off this same ebayer and they have regular hard leather soles and heels and are perfect for wearing outdoors. on the contrary, I couldn't imagine wearing these indoors as "slippers" As I hope you know these shoes from this seller are factoey "rejects" or "seconds" but I defy you to finf=d the defect. I have looked and looked but to no avail.
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