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OP -
As WilliamTell mentioned above, Japanese labels including denim are are very niche market. Sure, they seem extemely popular on the boards like SuFu, but that only represents a fraction of the population, and an even smaller fraction of Americans.
You mentioned Proper in the LBC...if you are talking about the sneaker store that is all they have, but if you are talking about their clothing venture, you have mistaken (they are my homies and I love them to death...but they stock some terrible stuff IMO ie The Hundreds, Acapulco Gold, Crooks & Castles, etc). The Academy and Seams never stocked Japanese labels.
IMO, if you were thinking of starting a store in the LBC I would be extremely wary. Those who know what they are looking for will make the trip to LA to Union and Self Edge, and or to OC to more established and reputable stores.

You realize you are answering a thread from 2009
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You realize you are answering a thread from 2009
..........I do now.shog[1].gif
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I've always wondered this, how the hell can the Japanese afford all these stuff?


This might sound like a silly question, but I was in Tokyo last winter, and basically got sticker shocked. It felt like everything I saw was expensive, this includes food, travel, entertainment, etc. Obviously, clothing prices were ridiculous. I bought a pair of pants for $600+, and two shirts at $300 from local brands. I'm really curious as to who the hell they sell these stuff to, as the average income of Japanese salarymen are certainly not that high. The stuff I saw were streetwear, yet priced at luxury prices, do the upper class Japanese really wear these stuff? O.o

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Looking through and saw this question that hadn't been answered.


They are a saving culture.  They are brought up to believe that being in debt is shameful.  The average Japanese young adult lives with their family until marriage, which is not until they are 30.  So imagine that you get a job after college and don't own a car so don't pay for loan, insurance, gas, maintenance etc., and you don't pay for rent, food, electricity, gas, etc. until you are 30.  Then you marry someone who, like you, is debt free and has 100K in savings... that's who can buy these brands!

I lived there for 3 years and loved every moment!

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