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Casual smart? (college wear)

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I'm in first year university/college (age 18), and I've seen a few guys wearing a shirt (no tie, top button undone) with jeans. Would this be appropriate for a regular college party or casual function? The shirt is medium-quality, nothing special. Jeans are the "new" type - dark blue, deep solid colour, without any creases, etc.
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Totally depends on your own personal style. Did you like the look of the guys sporting that combination? If yes, then you might want to try it out. I'd bet that most of the guys on this forum would recommend the addition of a few button-down shirts to any wardrobe due to their versatility. Having an eight inch drop from my chest to my waist in conjunction with being a student, though, has prevented me from being able to afford shirts that fit me well. The few that I have had tailored are somewhat eccentric, so I don't even wear them that often. I guess what I'm saying is it's a good idea to have a few "safe-bet" button-down shirts in your casual arsenal but not absolutely necessary.
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As someone who just graduated from college and still works on campus, I'll lend a little personal experience. I find that the jeans/dress shirt combo is pretty common on campus... what I usually do is find a shirt that isn't too long (I still like the rounded back/front, just don't get one that's super long or you'll look fairly awkward), unbutton the top button or two (usually two if the second button is only half a button length down from the top button, so by unbuttoning two you've only opened up one-and-a-half buttons, really), and roll the sleeves up to just before my elbows.. makes for a pretty "collegiate" look.  I really like this look when you use a shirt with a button down collar, too, although that's a little more conservative/studious looking, whereas a point/spread collar is probably more appropriate for a party atmosphere.
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I like the advice of both of the above posts. In addition you may like adding a colored solid t-shirt as a layer underneath the shirt, whether you choose button down or point. In addition to more warmth, it also sends a subtle message that you can dress yourself even casually in a sophisticated manner. This will impress the right ladies.
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With the jeans and dress shirt, i assume the dress shirt is untucked?
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yes, absolutely.
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With the jeans and dress shirt, i assume the dress shirt is untucked?
Unless you want to look like Jerry Seinfeld
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no thank you
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