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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
You can find Pastek Philip on eBay

Originally Posted by LawrenceMD View Post
hey thats razist agaisnt ashins maufactureres...

then again the really good fake (or fake/frankenstein vintages) come out of south america sellers on ebayz....

there's australian models on sale for A$1000. they're a steal!
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Originally Posted by Boston Tweed View Post
I have bought/sold a number of watches on Timezone which is more or less the Styleforum of watches catering to watch lovers. They have two boards similar to Styleforum's B&S which can be great resources:

This is the board for watches < $5,000.

Typically used watches sell on here for ~50% of retail as a rule of thumb, so you can get into some good deals. of the month! Thanks
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Buying a relatively expensive watch does not come down so much to what you do rather where you assign value. There are people will easily purchase a Rolex for example on Credit and pay it off over time. They do it because they are enthusiasts and passionate about such things. I definitely do not consider myself especially well off other than to say I educated myself, work hard and I am at a point in my life where I have been able to purchase a New Omega and recently a used Rolex. I may not be so fortunate in years to come.

Your comment about not being able to stomach paying more than $1k is fair enough. My comment would be that I cannot stomach paying many more $Ks say for a new fancy car and ‘watch’ it lose 20% in value the moment the dealer hand you the keys and you drive out of the sales yard. In my opinion you should not fork out even half the amount you suggested if it is going to bother you and you end up with 'buyers curse'.

If you do want a a name brand watch and are thinking of going used becareful of being tempted by deals that are too good to be true. You will either lose or your money or end up with a fake. Do your research and be prudent. There a few known regular sellers on Timezone that are considered trustworthy.
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Someone else on the forum mentioned Vintage Watch Restoration:

I visited and bought on that recommendation, and the stuff there is brilliant for the price.
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I've never bought from the site, but the guy comes across as a good guy. Not a huge selection though.
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Nice selection of new and vintage. I have bought several watches here and have always had great service from Neil.
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