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What about Florsheim or their other brands? I own a pair of shoes by them and they seem to be excellent quality.
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Originally Posted by mbc
It seems as if nearly every shoe related thread I read here has to do with one of 3 or 4 manufacturers, namely C&J, Edward Green, John Lobb, and sometimes Vass. Yet the "Comprehensive List of Links to High-End Shoes" lists roughly 80 manufacturers in the first post alone.

As someone who doesn't own a single pair of any of the above mentioned brands... what's the attraction vs the other dozens of makes in that thread?

Good post.

I can only speak for myself, but I generally only wear C&J. I have a few pairs of old AEs, but wear them infrequently.

EG, JL, Cleverley, Vass, Berlutti and JM Weston make fantastic shoes, but given that I am a family man, I find it hard to justify spending $800+ ... especially when C&J's handgrades are close in terms of construction to the aforementioned makers.
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Originally Posted by dah328
Italian shoes on sale more than English shoes? Perhaps at the mid-range. At the higher end, I find a lot more English shoes (C&J Handgrade, EG, Grenson Masterpiece) available at discount than Lattanzi, Santoni FAM, Kiton, etc.
I agree that we have good sources for discounted C&J Handgrades, Grenson seconds that Paul Stuart has returned, and EGs. But these discounts, with the exception of the Grenson sales at Bennies, are not what I would call spectacular (prices are generally >50% of full retail) and sales generally occur on the web so customers don't have the chance to try on the shoes before buying. But I can and have routinely found Ferragamo Tramezzas, which I consider slightly better made than C&J Handgrades or Grenson Masterpieces, in their outlet store and I sometimes find Testoni and Sutor Mantellassi shoes on sale at Neiman-Marcus and Neiman-Marcus Last Call stores. I would dearly love to find discounts on English shoes comparable to the 60-75% discounts I've seen on some Italian shoes in the brands mentioned above. For those of us who don't live in NYC, the sightings of deeply discounted English shoes can be very rare. Edit: I would rather not debate what constitutes mid-range vs. high-end English and Italian shoes, since we would probably eventually have to agree to disagree. I agree with you that I have never found Lattanzi, Santoni FAM, or Kiton shoes on sale.
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I've seen Santoni FAMs (medallion wholecut) on sale at Nordstroms Half Annual Sale for 50% off, as well as C&J handgrades (clifford wingtip) on sale at Barneys Warehouse Sale for more than 50% off, so if you're willing to wait and are geographically well-inclined, and a bit lucky, you can get awesome deals on them. I believe Ralph Lauren had EG MacKays for about 50% off during boxing day as well.
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Originally Posted by Jovan
What about Florsheim or their other brands? I own a pair of shoes by them and they seem to be excellent quality.
I have 2 pairs of Florsheims and an AE. Even though the Florsheims are decent, the AE is a better-constructed shoe overall. Still, if I had to get some dress shoes and couldn't get a good deal on AE, I'd go with Florsheim.
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