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It's interesting to see that your responses were split almost right down the middle.

The lack of a buttonhole didn't bother me, especially because it's a casual jacket.

I tried to wear it again this morning and it just didn't look right--I'll post a picture later--so I'll be listing it here or on eBay at some point. Really disappointing, because it's something I would wear a ton, and the cashmere is amazing. But none of that really matters if I'm uncomfortable with the fit.
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chorse, Sorry to hear that, man, but I think that it is the right call. It is a bit of a fit issue, but I'd say that it is really the combination of large patch pockets with lapped stitching (is that the right term for that piping that is visible?) and a light-colored fabric. With a different person in the coat, those details could well recede, but with your build I agree that it doesn't work.
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I don't think the length is wrong, but there is definitely something going on with the waist to my eye. It is either too high or simply too supressed. And the patch pockets are a bit strange.
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Just noticing now that the breast pocket is large as well. So it is proportionate to the hip pockets. But they are all too large.

Best to re-sell.
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beautiful coat, it is NOT too long. the open quarters plus narrow shoulders may be what is giving the illusion of wide hips.
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What matters is how you feel about it. If you're not confident- best to sell it.

Sorry, man.
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Here's me this morning. Oddly, it looks much better on me in the pictures than it does in person.
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Those notches look high, pear shaped still.
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Tactless Bunter is, but correct. Right now the skirt envelopes your hips especially with the high waist. An inch or two off that length would do wonders by cutting that expanse around the hips. It'd still cover your rear. The high gorge doesn't hep the balance either.
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Seeing where your pants sit, I would guess that most of your height is in your legs? I am the same way, long legs and not that long a torso. My dad and I are roughly the same height, with him being 3/4 of an inch taller. However, my legs are an inch or two longer. Therefore, he wears a long jacket, I wear a regular. With my legs, a long jacket (which I can use in the arms) makes me look short. It's not actually about height as much as it is about body type.
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You bought this at a very good price - and got a lovely fabric. It seems to fit very well in the chest and the shoulders - the parts that are most difficult to adjust. Be happy with that - fix the rest to fit you like a Bespoke coat.

Remove the pockets and have them made smaller and reshaped so that they are more like a horseshoe. Narrower a bit at the top. Recut the skirt / length to shorten and give you the open quarters for an informal jacket. Probably something in the range of $150 in tailoring. Wear it for a long time - it will be a great jacket. I like the relatively high gorge and button stance. If I were having one made, I would specify that. Lucky you to have bought that at a huge discount.

I do also note that there seems to be something off with the button placement. The lower button seems to be out of alignment with the button hole. And the pockets don't seem to be placed at the same height relative to the buttons. Maybe I'm wrong, but check it to note for the tailor.

Congrats on the good deal.
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For me the button stance is a bit too low and the pockets are too high in relation, althought they are probably fine in relation to the jacket. I think that they may be slightly too big and too square, but I like my patch pockets a bit rounded.
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Originally Posted by chorse123
What do you think? This is my cashmere jacket from HF sale. Please ignore for the shoulder imbalance (the jacket is sitting funny), and the wrinkly shirt with too long sleeves. My nagging suspicion is that the jacket is simply too long. My wife said so when I first brought it home, but eyes blinded by love at first sight, I disagreed. Now, I'm reconsidering, and my heart, it is breaking.

Allow me, please, to be somewhat of a contrarian here. Your right shoulder is slightly lower than your left shoulder.

The jacket is absolutely none too long! In fact, the jacket sleeves need to be lengthened. Beyond lengthening the sleeves (and maybe a very light pad on your right shoulder), the only other important alteration would be a very simple adjustment of the pockets' depth. These alterations are quite inexpensive.

Any alterations tailor with a decent eye will likely tell you the pockets are just too deep. Without moving the pockets, lower the top of the pockets by a very modest (but proportional) amount.

Beyond that, the gorge is higher than many people might prefer. With smart color harmony, a little more contrast, and some tasteful accessory detail, compliments - not critical remarks - will be offered by one and all.

You love the coat. Allow a tailor to make the coat love you for a tiny sum!
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I posted my comment that it is a bit long at the hem.
Then I read the comments by Full Canvas, so I looked again.
The "perceived" length looks different in the different thumbnail pictures, and it is the shoes that seem to do it.

Relative to your arms and crotch, the length (to me) seems a bit long. then I look at the thumbnails with the light shoes and see longer legs, needing a longer upper body length with the longer coat length. Then the second set of pictures, dark shortening shoes, the coat seems longer.

This comment is really made to point out how the whole ensemble creates the look. But I do still believe the pockets should be remade - and it would be well worth it.
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People have nicely pinpointed the problems. Modifications are recommended.

Also, wearing a bold tie would help draw the eye upward.
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