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Heartbreaking - Bobby Jones cashmere jacket

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What do you think? This is my cashmere jacket from HF sale. Please ignore for the shoulder imbalance (the jacket is sitting funny), and the wrinkly shirt with too long sleeves. My nagging suspicion is that the jacket is simply too long. My wife said so when I first brought it home, but eyes blinded by love at first sight, I disagreed. Now, I'm reconsidering, and my heart, it is breaking.

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I'm not sure it's unwearably long. Instead, it looks like the high waist is combining with the huge patch pockets to make it look very bottom heavy. Altering the waist might make a big difference.
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I agree, I don't think it's that bad. The waist is just super high.
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Jacket doesn't look long to me. I agree with Doc about the pockets. Since they're patch pockets, maybe you could have the pockets recut?
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It doesn't look long to me, but if it's bothering you I can give you my address...
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Maybe it's just the patch pockets. Short of an expensive and tricky alteration, which I'm not even sure is possible--remove them, use the wool to make flap pockets--they are here to stay.
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While it's not in sync with the "wear your baby brother's jacket" trend of the moment, I think it looks better than fine. That's generally the length (comparing arm length to jacket length) that I shoot for.
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I do think it's too long, especially for a casual jacket. As noted on another thread, a shorter length might fit your body better.
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It looks fine to me, though I will say the Bobby Jones sportcoat I picked up at the HF sale is also long for its size by about an inch. It hits my index finger knuckle instead of my thumbnail.

I'm 5'10" and there is a lot of variation in length on my 42R jackets. Most seem to be about an inch too long on me, but the short sizes would be borderline too short. I'll take the inch extra any day.

My Zegna and Bobby Jones 42R are my longest jackets, measuring 33" from the top of the collar.
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You seem tall with relatively narrower shoulders, so I agree with whoopee that I think it has more to do with its style on your body, rather than its actual length.
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Length looks fine to me. A bit strange that there is no button-hole at the lapel. Also, patch pockets are huge. Is this the jacket I bought from you? Or is it the other one that you're keeping?
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The giant patch pockets draw the eye down to your hips. Not good.

Too bad.
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I also agree that the length looks fine. I tend to wear my jackets a little longer than the seeming norm on the Forum. Keep it.
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I know I'm a noob here but I have to tell straight mate. Beautiful fabric, smart shoulders, but this jacket makes your hips look big. Shaped like a pear.

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Length is totally fine. Enjoy the coat, it looks great - and keep these patch pockets !!

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