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I can't work out if this is a bunch of very clever spambots, taking posts and rearranging them, of if this is the weirdest virtual genealogy session ever.
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Sorry to dissapoint i am not a spammer, just really excited that i found this threa and was hoping i might make contact with other family members to share history after all this thread is called "tuczek history'.


i have been to  john lobbs ltd in st james's street london to see if they could shed any light on the tuczeks. they still have the tuczeks name outside their shop and they were kind enough to show me some of my great great grandfathers shoes. 

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very interesting info  thankyou.  i only made the discovery about tuczek shoes recently when my mother in law started investigating our family tree. im still hoping some other descendants will get intouch.......... 

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I am doing research into Jesse Marie Tucek and her family, an aunt of Anton Neville Tuczek.

I know that Anton died in Bridge, Kent. We wonder where is Amelia Tuczek's grave, do you know? And where was Anton buried? So many of the Tuczek lived around Herne Bay area in the 1940/50. Amelia, wife of Nikolaus ( senior) died there in 1913 but we can not find her grave.


I do have a little information on Anton as he was the brother of Nikolaus whose family tree I am doing right now.

My son is married into the family of jesse Marie.

Please contact me?


Regards W. Georgiadis


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Originally Posted by BlueHorseShoe View Post

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Re Tuczek Family.




I have been doing a lenghty research into the english side of the Tuczek family as my son has married into the family. We are all close so I feel I know a lot of the earlier Tuczeks.

Please can you tell me whereyou side fits in? would you be related to Lillian A Pentecost?

Would like to hear from you etc.


Kind regards

Wenceh Georgiadis

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Hello, Wenceh,

I have corresponded with Sian, so you have probably seen my rather long email. I knew Lilian well when I was little. I think most of the family archive has come down to me and my sister, so if I can help in any way with your research , do contact me.  


I gather that you are descended from Jessie. She is one of the Tuczeks about whom I know virtually nothing, so I would love to know how your family fit in. Do you know anything about  Sandford or Miriam (Minnie)? I remember my mother mentioning the name Purdy, but I'm vague about that connection.


I don't think Lilian ever threw a letter away, so there are scores of them here. they are mostly very boring, and extremely difficult to read, owing to the practice of giving the page a half turn and writing across it at a right angle. Saved Transatlantic postage, I presume.


Best wishes,


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Hi Paula


Am fascinated by the history of Nikolaus Tuczek since my husband is directly descended from his wife's family the Iddiols.


I've had the census page from mid 1800s for ages - John Iddiols and his wife Maria and all their children living in St Giles High Street - Their daughter Amelia married Nikolaus and they all lived and worked together at the shoemakers.    I had no idea of his importance till I googled his name very recently!    I presumed the Iddiols were shoemakers and he married into the firm.   Could this have been the other way round?  


Amelia's younger brother Thomas Iddiols is my husband's Great Great Great Grandfather.


Incidentally Maria Iddiols appears in the Old Bailey Archive as old lady. She was run down by a speeding horse and cart in St Giles and died of her injuries.  Witnesses saw the driver whipping his horse and he was found guilty of murder.


Now, almost 200 years later, we own a business in the same area of London!  How bizarre.   


Would love to hear how the business moved on from St Giles and if you have any information on the Iddiols?


Best wishes



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Hello Stella

I have not been on here for sometime (as can be seen by my previous posts) this website has been very helpful in reaching out to other Tuczek descendants.

I am a descendant of nikolaus great great grandmother was Amelia Tuczek.
We have pictures of Nikolaus and Amelia ..
My email is
If I can be of any further help X
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