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Bespoke / Custom Leather Jacket Info Help

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hello guys

need some help with getting a nice leather jacket custom made. I do NOT want to go to Savile Row for this as it will be a total waste of money as even if they agreed they are not experts in leathers. Please recommend some genuinely good BESPOKE leather firms that can create some high fashion leather jackets perferably in soft leathers. Some along these lines

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_iDOGk2NLj6...1+19189282.jpg or those military inspired NAPOLEON Jackets in leather. NO I am not looking for an exact copy these are just so you know what kind of stuff I am looking at hence the need for true bespoke.

I looked up this list http://www.filmjackets.com/vendor_list.htm does any of them are true bespoke? and moreover the ones that are will the make for a single person / client i.e. not a movie production?

I looked up Bates and Vanson leathers but I doubt they will do true bespoke and I am rather iffy about their quality control for non-movie productions.

Kindly help me out here if you know personally or have seen some great leather (fashion) garments from a maker and must have VERY reliable service.

best regards
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I need help with the same thing.  Does anyone have a good recommendation for a bespoke tailor who does a lot of work with suede and leather jackets ?


Thanks to all.

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Honestly dude, for a custom leather jacket, I would buy here: http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/

It is not true bespoke, but it is MTM, which is honestly, pretty damn good. I have a jacket by them and another on the way. The price is good and the jackets are excellent. They have cafe racer style jackets and A-2/CWU-45 flight jackets among other things.
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Hello guys,
Just got a jacket made with www.customjackets.co.uk they are a UK company and did a great job. They made a bespoke motorcycle leather jacket for me in cowhide leather. I also saw the napoleon style military jacket you are after in the stock jacket section. Take a look.
The price was good too. Did not cost a arm and a leg.

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