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Kiton has been interested in doing a shoe line for some time now. I know this becuase Ciro Paone offered Laszlo Vass a partnership some time back. He wanted to take the entire annual production (about 4000 pairs) and sell them under the Kiton label. Mr. Vass wanted to keep it a family business so he respectfully declined. Didn't Naturlaut or Thracozaag indicate that you can currently buy Lattanzi shoes under the Kiton label? Or am I mistaken? In any event, the Monday, June 23rd edition of DNR reports: "Antonio De Matteis, sales manager and one of the owners, said Kiton has aquired a footwear laboratory, with seven skilled artisans, to start producing a line of shoes completely in-house. The shoes will be available in October." I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pair of those.