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What socks do i wear with sneakers?

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This may sound like a weird question but the only time I wear sport shoes is when I'm playing tennis. But recently I decided to buy a sweet pair of white Pumas to wear with a casual outfit of a shirt and jeans. What colour socks should I wear with them and what are some good brands?
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IMO only white sweat socks and only with sneaks to very casual outings/activities. I think Thorlo makes the best sweat socks. For colored dress/casual socks Brooks Brothers, Polo, Johnston & Murphy, and Cole Haan make good socks in a moderate price range. Pantherella, Byford, and Bresciani are also great and cost a bit more. Paul Smith too- especially this season. But don't buy the really stretchy thin ones they have in the NY store. Mine are already fraying at the top and I've only worn them twice. Barney's and JW Nordstrom (as opposed to the regular Nordstrom- JW has better cotton and are worth the extra money) are pretty good too. I've found Brioni to be good, but have only bought them on sale. I've heard Bresciani makes their socks. Have had so-so experience with Zegna. Usually get them on sale also. Have had some that won't stay up and one pair I got at full price got a hole after only 3-4 wearings. Am wearing some Armanis I got at Off 5th AGES ago and they're still in great shape. Turnbull and Asser is the only place I know that sells sized socks. I've heard New and Lingwood's are pretty good too, but haven't bought any yet. They're relatively cheap online but I haven't checked the exchange rate lately. I have an unorthodox sock philosophy, and rarely wear solid colors unless they're unusually bright. IMO solid socks in the usual colors are just plain boring, especially when they're the same color as your pants or shoes. I'm with Glenn O'Brien, The Style Guy at GQ and think matching them with pants or shoes make you look like you're wearing booties. I also agree with him that you can match socks with anything, or nothing, as the mood strikes you. And I think the more often you can go with over-the-calf, the better. It just feels weird to me to have droopy socks and naked calves when I cross my legs wearing a nice pair of pants. But that could just be my own version of OCD It's often hard to find good casual socks in particular made to fit over-the-calf.
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Anything you like, as long as they're not 100% cotton. In a sweaty, moving around situation (or even just walking around) cotton absorbs AND retains moisture (3x its own weight) which is just asking for blisters. Look for socks that are made of polyester blends which wick moisture away from the skin. Thorlos are nice running socks, but they're really thick and may necessitate a .5 increase in shoe size (this is for the super cushioned Running model... I think they're called ultra something or other.) They make somewhat thinner versions, but they're still pretty thick. As for dress socks, I'll second Pantherella socks. You can get them at discount stores (like Tj Maxx/Winners/etc.) under different labels - last time I bought socks I got got ten pairs of "Burberry by Pantherella" for $4 a pair (compared to regular retail of $18-20, and absolutely no difference in quality.)
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