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Digital Camera Recommendations, please

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My wife wants to get a smaller digital camera to shlep around to take pics/videos of the kiddies - and my DSLR is just too big for her
I haven't had a point and shoot in years, so I have no idea what's good currently...
Any recommendations would be great - pm or post here!
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Canon SD780is. Love it. Takes HD video, tiny and holds a great charge with the batteries.
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Canon S90 and Panasonic DMC-LX3 are good options for smallish cameras with pretty good (for that sort of camera) lenses, though the sensors are not much better than the rest of the P&S market. If she doesn't require the faster lenses and manual controls, there are smaller options out there, though these two would be a good bet if you'll be using the camera once in a while and appreciate that sort of thing.

There are also a few 4/3 cameras that have come out recently, but they're more pricey and have compromises that your wife may not want to deal with.
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Here's a good review (albeit, from last year) of budget point and shoot cameras.

I have the Panasonic DMC-LZ8 and, for my needs, it works really well. I like having the option of manual controls (in fact, I may even figure out how to use them one day), but if your wife wants a set-it and forget-it type of camera, maybe the Sony W120 is worth taking a look at.
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dcg speaks the truth. i would go with the s90. good on just full auto and good to learn photography.
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I use and like Nikon S500. I think they have come out with the newer version of this camera.
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Second the LX3 and S90 recommendations...both are the best in the market for pocket sized cameras.

Using an LX3 now and I'm still amazed @ the quality of the pics in good lighting, almost as good as my D5000 and it fits into my jacket pocket!
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Get an IPhone 3GS. Lighter than any camera you can find and it records like a decent non HD video camera.
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damn you all, now I want an S90.
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As someone who's used a cell phone camera as my primary camera for the past few years, I've considered making the plunge (getting used to lugging another object in my pocket) and buying a digital camera. I'm currently looking at the Canon Powershot Sx200IS and the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS25. 12x zoom isn't all that important (so I'm also going to look into the Canon SX110IS).

Any other ideas? Ideally I would simply get a camera with a very good camera that would stand up in low light situations. I already know I would need a Xenon flash in my next camera. Lot's to think about it.
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Leica D-Lux 4.
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I have a Panasonic DMC-TZ5 that I use when I go climbing. Don't feel like lugging the Canon dSLR up 4,000+ ft of elevation gain at altitude. The TZ5 has a wide range, so wide angle and zoom are still possible (has 10x optical zoom).
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Looks like a pimp camera, but a bit too hardcore for me. I don't mind a normal point and shoot but I still would like the best possible image quality and low light/flash performance as possible, while being pocket friendly. I also like the Canon 780is in terms of looks and size, but looking at some reviews I'm a little too enlightened than I cared to be. So now, it's mostly off my list.

However, I'm no serious photographer and will most likely use this photo for social occasions (at the bar, parties, etc.) Maybe a sporting event once or twice a year. So, should the image quality downsides of the 780is be a factor?
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Slightly off topic, but does anyone think that the Canon s90 might go on sale with Black Friday? I'm eyeing it and hoping that there might be some price competition on it...
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How long will it take for the S90 to fall below the $300 mark?
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