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i actually can't speak japanese either! but i've been getting by and getting the information i need somehow. the service here is great as i said, if they don't know how to say it they'll call their sister's friend's friend who can speak enough english to get what they're trying to say across. but thanks for the compliment j, though i'd still consider my knowledge about this stuff elementary- i should probably read up some more so i can help you guys out better... and maybe try introduce some new brands while i'm here. i will be in tokyo for another month i believe, then will be relocating to osaka for a month. osaka has denim shops of their own, but in regards to PBJ- i'll try to ask to see if they can mail me denim or not. the best way is to just order now while it's easy- as i don't know if mail order will be possible. as far as shoes, i've seen many high end shoe stores here- but i assume those aren't limited to japan, thus i wouldn't be able to help people in that regard? if anyone is into CCP though, they have a few japan only shoes/boots here but i don't think people on this board wear that kind of stuff.
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I second that MVP vote! You know i was going to say coldrice is so helpful he's practically japanese, but i figure that doesn't make so much sense. Thanks on behalf of a good number of us here, though.
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I need a big ass plate of hirekatsu teishoku or kubota from Maisen in Omotesando. And maybe some "to go"
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Coldrice, out of curiosity... of all the stuff you've tried on and looked at, which have been nice enough for you to take home with ya?
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the only things i've bought so far are a red moon hip bag and the Pure Blue AI-001's. I usually go around and try to see what everyone has to offer before making any purchase. I picked up the PBJ AI-001's immediately because they are really amazing- no other pair of jeans i've seen so far is like this pair. denim and color are amazing- and they use subtle two color stitching. I also bought them because that was the only way I was going to get good pictures for you guys haha. maybe get a pair of jomons? (seems like you either hate or love 45rpm. I'm the latter.) Problem is I have too many other interests to spend my money on, like vinyl, avant garde clothes, leather goods. haha. Also I probably have a different fit and style than most of the people on here... I also liked the SDA X's 26 and the XXX-26. Oni denim was nice- comparable to the PBJ XX-003. The verdict is still out on samurai's and sugar cane's for me. Still have to try on some Warehouse's.
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I'm also interested in the linen/cotton Uniqlos. Did you find out about those? Have you looked at any sneakers? I'd be interested in Japan-released Adidas, Onitsuka and Puma. Have you been to the Onitsuka store? Are there any cool local brands?
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coldrice, could you pm me how much would the AI001 cost shipped to canada? and also the sorahiko's too!

thanks alot!
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if you find any specific shoes you want just let me know. you can check some out at i'm trying to break my sneaker habit haha- i've only been buying visvim shoes lately.
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Originally Posted by xcoldricex
if you find any specific shoes you want just let me know. you can check some out at i'm trying to break my sneaker habit haha- i've only been buying visvim shoes lately.
Very cool, but at USD 120 is too expensive for me. But maybe some one else would be interested.
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as far as uniqlo's i can get these by ordering them online i went in one uniqlo store, they didn't have them or any darker ones. when i have the chance i'll try some more stores. if you're interested in the ones above. just email me.
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i also have wallets for sale. a lot of denimheads in japan are also leatherheads of some sort. one of the most coveted wallets are red moon wallets ( handcrafted by leather freaks in japan, the leather is amazing quality, and although they are sewed using a machine, the machine is hand wound by the leathercraftsmen to give higher control. of course they command a high price ~$250 for a wallet. so i've looked for alternatives- i found a independent leather craftsman while i was in seoul and sold a few of his wallets and leather braids to people. in tokyo its a bit harder but i was able to locate these wallets: the inside is different from the traditional "red moon"- it has a coin pouch and card slots. the bill section is not attached on one side and there is another card pouch in the inside of the bill section. $110 plus shipping.
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a post by ringring for some background:
Redmoon is based in Kawaguchi, in Saitama prefecture - commuting distance to Tokyo. Started in mid 90's (93?). The core business is leather accessories - many, as noted above, with a distinctly native american feel. The quality is superlative, and the products are all truly handmade - by fanatics for fanatics. The leather is handcut, hand punched, and even when they are using sewing machines (often ancient Seikos), they'll turn the machine by hand. You'll see pics on the site. The guy with glasses and the Elvis haircut (and a penchant for True Religion jeans) is the main man. If you see a bunch of young japanese biker looking dudes putting together a bunch of wallets then it's probably the Redmoon crew Prices are high. Probably higher than you think. A simple belt will cost you about the same as a pair of high quality Japanese jeans. One of the interesting things about Redmoon is that many fans will buy the belts & wallets with the same spirit as they would wear dry denim. They'll buy the light coloured saddle leather wallets & belts and watch them age - after a few years they totally change colour. From a very light skin colour to a burnished dark oxblood-brown, as they absorb dirt, oils etc. Pretty cool. The wallets tend to be somewhat thick and bulky, but always magically seem to squeeze into the back pockets of jeans. I love the keyhole shaped holes on their belts and the way some of the buckles are held by leather thongs. Buckles are usually pewter. Redmoon also make jeans - denim+leather. They have a simple 5 pocket style with a saddleleather coin pocket which is quite nice."
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By the way, I find the popular culture give and take between the US and Japan over the last century and a half really unbelievably fascinating. Next time someone tells you that US culture is destroying the globe (TM) point them to this thread and tell them that all the cool kids in the US want stuff from Japan--that happens to be based off of original US stuff that has fallen out of favor. Awesome.

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Coldrice, what areas have you been shopping, and where are you staying?

From your pics I assume you've been through Ueno... have you been to American Blvd. yet? (In Shinjuku under the Epson building with the Uniqlo in it)
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i live in nakano. walked a bit around shinjuku, harajuku, shibuya, daikanayama, ueno, and ginza. don't believe i've been to american blvd. yet.
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