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the LW slimfit fits like a spruce slimfit - i tried both on in mediums today and the fit was very similar. the LW is a little lighter than the spruce- you could probably even wear it on a cool summer night. i'm 5'8, 158lbs. LW's stock is pretty low- they're not getting new stuff in til the fall. this hoodie is ideal for fall/spring/breezy nights wear... and good for layering since its not bulky at all. the classic zip is longer in length (it'll cover your entire tshirt) and considerably thicker- not sure what i can compare it to... maybe the same weight as a wings and horns hoodie? it's baggier in the arms but its still pretty fitted - its not like a bag or anything. may get one for myself later. not sure. someone is gonna get a classic zip soon (one person already has one but he doesn't have a decent camera) and someone is going to get pullover hoodies in the mail- so hopefully they'll post pics of those in a few days.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
Can someone explain what is so cool about this Loopwheeler hoodie? I can't really tell from the pics.
read about loopwheeler here:
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Originally Posted by digital_denim
Is that my loopwheeler?! Were you able to get me anything?
haha yeah, i just wear people's clothes that i buy for them. just kidding. it's all mine.
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ha ha, i wouldn't have minded. Damn, that slim zip looks good too!
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Thanks for the photos, coldrice...they help immensely.

Also, thanks for the quick reply on the lw. I'm still on the fence after having purchased a zip-up hoodie from Spruce (really love it - heirloom quality).

You mentioned that you've got both loopwheeler & spruce. In terms of quality of material and construction, can you compare both? Which do you like better?

This thread makes me ache.
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lol...reminds me of the Seinfeld ep. with the drycleaner.

Also...can anyone help me with sizing? I'm 5'10.5", about 155 lbs. Should I go up to large in the slim fit, zip-up hoodie? Also considering the LW-01 - should I order in a large for that too?

BTW...if that's a black, xcoldricex, it looks really good. Might change my mind from the oatmeal or gray to the black...very austere.
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just a warning. LW is VERY low on stock it seems. i had to make a few trips to get people's stuff because they didn't have what they initially wanted. so if you're thinking about ordering a LW think of a list of possibilities and number them for me so i don't have to make multiple trips. i don't have a spruce hoodie (yet), i just have a wings and horns hoodie. the loopwheeler is softer and not as loud. zipper on the spruce is nicer- but the contrasting zip makes it look more than "just another hoodie". i like both, so i'll probably go and buy a spruce hoodie at some point. well the slim fits are meant to be shorter- i'm shorter than you, and you can see the length on me- so if you'd be ok with it being shorter on you go with the M. if not, go with the L i guess. oh if anyone needs spruce stuff its very available here.
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there's new limited edition warehouse's lee 1940 repro's if anyone is interested:
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With as much traveling as you must be doing in order to fill all these requests, coldrice, your jeans should look amazing once you're back.
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check your PMs cold
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Hey guys, I have a couple questions pertaining to this thread:

I was thinking about sun tanning my Red Moon wallet. Will this make the leather brittle? I really like the lustrous feel of the leather, so would letting it age naturally preserve that?

Also, can anyone direct me toward pics of chew and/or snuff can circle worn into a back pocket of a good pair of jeans?

Finally, does anyone know of a good Japanese maker of traditional-style work boots or something similar? They do all the other post-WWII stuff perfectly so I figure someone makes an amazing pair. Red Moon has some stuff on their site that's pretty bleh. Also, I already checked out the Sugar Cane stuff (I believe the boots have another branding but it's via Sugar Cane) and I was unimpressed with the make. Looked kind of shoddy, actually.
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Originally Posted by jonglover
Also, can anyone direct me toward pics of chew and/or snuff can circle worn into a back pocket of a good pair of jeans? - disregard the swimsuit.
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jonglover, here are japanese websites that sell some work-boots:

I think the boots that toyo makes (parent company of sugarcane) actually look like very good quality. Warehouse and toys mccoy also make nice boots as well. Only problem for me is that I wear a size 10.5 or 11 us, and the japanese companys sizes only go up to 9.5 or 10 usually.
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coldrice, does LW have tees in stock? How much do they run for?
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yes, blank tees and pocket t's. and a few graphic t's too. email me xcoldricex @ for information
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