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Those g8 guys

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I came across some "family photos" at the official website for the G8 summit in Evian (one of the pics): (I was doing a little research for a speech I'm writing.) Anyway, I was a little taken aback at how frumpy some of these guys looked. Chirac and W. (and maybe Gerhard) are the only ones wearing decently tailored suits. Putin's just looks awful, as does Prodi's (he gets a pass because he's an academic). It seems to me that a G8 head of state ought to be able to devote a little time to appearances. What do you guys think?G8 crew
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Cristobal: Maybe they all lost their luggage and had to borrow the suits from the hotel staff?  Or there was gale force winds blowing.   But that doesn't explain the poorly tied necktie knots without dimples. A few do however have the proper amount of linen (shirt cuff) showing below the suit jacket sleeve (maybe that was just the wind too?) Shoes are acceptable, although there are several wearing loafers..   Trouser length isn't bad, but no one knows how to stand.  See the "Super Models Tip" at But thanks for the picture.  I just printed the photo, forged all the autographs, framed it, and set it on my desk. Andy
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I'm going to disagree with Cristobal here. In fact, I think that it would be detrimental to a political career to look *too* good. That means no fancy suits (definitely no patterns like windowpanes), and no vanity accessories like pocket squares or cuff-links. The leaders seem to be showing the proper amount of respect for their positions and for the decorum of the moment, while at the same time subtling signalling that vanity is not one of their sins. I'm sure that their handlers knew what they were doing here.
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Andy: I am LMAO at the idea of printing that out and forging the autographs. I don't know why, but that just struck me as hysterical. I agree with LAG in that world leaders shouldn't go over the top, but am with Cristobal in that Putin looks ridiculous.
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I think you're being a bit hard on some of them. Of the group, I think Blair and Kozuma (sp?) look the best. (Can anyone tell me who did Blair's tie? I love it.) Chirac has too many damn lapel pins, and Gerd is just wearing the mind-numbing Armani uniform of the German political classes. (Fischer abstains to some degree, but whatever his merits as a brilliant master of foreign affairs he doesn't have a clue how to dress.) You're quite right about Putin, the only leader in the group to have murdered more Muslims than Bush. He looks like a little thug troll in that picture, but that's appropriate because he IS a little thug troll. Still, it's a wonder he rose as far in the KGB as he did, because the KGB men and women case officers I knew were always impeccable. But as LAG wrote, don't expect elected leaders to look good. There are a few exceptions of electorates that expect their leaders to cut a dashing figure on the world stage (OK, just the Brits and French), but most others don't want a leader who looks much better than they do. If you want to find well-dressed bureaucrats, you're going to have to into the diplomatic corps or officer corps. Or, to put it bluntly, look to dictators. Peace, JG
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...the only leader in the group to have murdered more Muslims than Bush.
Can it, Joe. Your political observation is off-topic, unnecessary, and mendacious.
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...or as an attorney might say, "non-responsive".
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I was wondering how long it would take before someone hijacked this thread with political commentary... Anyways, I think Blair actually looks pretty damn good, except for the break of his trousers - he's wearing a great tie and I love the ticket pocket. The Japanese guy definitely has the best hair.
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Anyways, I think Blair actually looks pretty damn good, except for the break of his trousers - he's wearing a great tie and I love the ticket pocket.
...and the length of his jacket sleeves and his shoes and the fact that he's standing like he's preparing for a shootout at OK Corral. But yes, I like the cut of his suit and the way that it fits. It's a little hard to see, but how about some of those shoe choices? Chirac looks to be wearing tassel loafers.
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I think Blair tends to be as well-dressed as you're 'allowed' to be in such a political position... I hear he wears a lot of Paul Smith, anyone know? I appreciate the little touches of individuality in the way he dresses - such as the windowpane checks and the polka-dotted linings. I always find it amusing that Bush is constantly wearing an American flag lapel pin... just in case anyone's forgotten he's patriotic... My vote for best-dressed politician - the late Dutch right-winger Pim Fortuyn: Not that I agreed with anything he said, but he was pretty photogenic...
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Having looked at the photo a little more carefully (it was a slow day), I am now in agreement with bryce - the Japanese guy has the best hair. Incidentally, he also has the most flair. The grey-navy pinstripe suit is a little boxy and angular, likely a Yamamoto touch, and is a little fashionable but dignified and sober at the same time. Let's face it, severe waist suppression is for the young and irresponsible. (I like a lot of waist suppression in my suits, which may explain why I had the time and inclination to write this post.) And the optic white shirt and ice-blue tie combination is far more visually striking than the blue shirt/dark tie look that everyone else seems to be sporting. He is showing the perfect amount of linen (I like showing more, but my position in life has already been established [above],) and the break on his trousers is perfect. Also, notice that his left fist is ready to deliver a one-inch punch to anyone who wants to impose addition tariffs on Japanese cars; and his face seems to be asking someone to try just that. Very Beat Takeshi of him. Hate to say it, but G.W. is probably comes in a (distant) second. Tony's tie is interesting, but a little busy. It belongs on the editor of Vogue, worn with a checked orange shirt, and not a PM, at least not in this world. Also, he looks distinctly uncomfortable. Maybe Definitely nix the baggy double-breasted suits. These are supposed to be world leaders, not mob bosses. Right? Anyone? Regardless of what crimes he may or may not have committed against humanity, Putin deserves a hard five to ten in some Siberian clinker for his outfit alone.
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I think Blair looks the best. The suit is either Smith, Richard James, or Alexander McQueen. Great fit and suppressed waist. Makes him look younger and slimmer. I'm almost certain the tie is Richard James, and definitley more interesting than any of the others. Sorry, LAG, but the esteemed Japanese PM is in serious need of a haircut, and some cuffs on his trousers.
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I think the third gentleman from the left (Gerhard Schroeder if I'm not mistaken) looks by far the best. The only thing I can pick on is that his suit has too much shoulder padding, his collar is standing away from his neck a bit, and the jacket is a little bit tight. He's showing a bit of cuff, the pants are hemmed at the right length, the shirt collar is the right size, the tie is tied nicely and the shoes are decent. Not bad at all.
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Has anyone ever spotted the relationship between tie knot and political viewpoint? At least with European politicians there is a direct link: the more right wing the bigger the tie. Pim Fortuyn is a good example, but also Ian Duncan Smith (the leader of the British Conservatives) who, after becoming leader of the opposition, has now toned down his knots from enormous to just big. This theory does not apply to American politicians: Rumsfeld, obviously no bleeding-heart-liberal, is very fond of tab-collared shirts, which by their nature require a small tie knot. Another thing: nobody closed the bottom button of their jackets. That's at least something.
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Sorry, LAG, but the esteemed Japanese PM is in serious need of a haircut, and some cuffs on his trousers.
Steve B. Don't you like the shaggy, Richard Gere thing he has going on? You know that my hair is nearly at the other extreme; nevertheless, I think that that style works for him. I think that cuffless pants are a good choice given his diminuitive stature, although I could see cuffs working on that suit as well. Perhaps the pants are flat front, in which case, cuffs are sort of a no-no. I'm grasping here.
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