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Can somebody help me identify some items?

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OK, so on yoox they have 9 pairs of Earnest Sewn jeans. They all look practically the same to my untrained eye, with the bootcuts obviously looking more cut for the boot.

I'm hoping this link will work to make your lives easier:


I know one of them is the Hutch model as I bought them. Yoox really ought to include more detail in the description, like model names and washes.

I'd also really like to know what the sneakers are in the photo of this item:

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And is it just me or are the honeycombs on Earnest Sewn, and some other brands, too low down?
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For some reason ES honeycombs are generally the lowest I've ever seen. i can't quite figure it out, as they are mostly low rise - i.e. not meant to be worn high so as to make the thighs seem disproportionally longer than the calves.
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Yeah, I noticed that too. Their knee wear is also lower than usual. The knees actually match up to where the knee should be, generally (most pre distressing is too high; knee wear occurs where you knee is when your leg is bent, not when standing). The honeycombs are a bit low, though. Still, doesn't bother me that much, except on their slightly distressed, nearly dry model.
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The nice thing about the honeycombs is that they crease with the wear so it looks somewhat natural.
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Somewhat. Depends a bit on the wash and a lot on the pair in your hand. I have the Hutch in Maz, and they're very pronounced and unnatural. It's still an interesting effect, but definitely not natural wear. I saw some other sizes of the same wash and cut, though, with much more natural looking wear. Earnest Sewn is really not something you want to buy online.
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I think the shoes are Gola.
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Why does the first page say the jeans are ~90 bucks and then when you checkout they are 160 bucks. Tricky bastards.
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