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Cheap MTM Tuxedo

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Does anybody know if Chan can do a tuxedo, or, alternatively, where somebody on the East coast can find a relatively cheap (less than $1500) MTM or bespoke tuxedo? I've given up on trying to find a good RTW one, and have decided to just get one made to my specifications. Do the NYC tailors that routinely get mentioned (Mr. Ned, for example) charge the same for a tux as for a suit?
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I talked to Varm (Mr. Ned) when I was searching for a Tux a while ago, and he indicated that the tux prices were in line with suit prices. In addition, LS Men's can do a Tux for the $800 neighborhood, possibly less I don't remember, if that is a route you are interested in.
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Consider a MTM Samuelsohn. I believe Paul Stuart uses Samuelsohn for their MTM suits and presumably tuxedos.
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All the makers mentioned will do it for less than $1500.
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