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Canali Blazer - Navy Blue (with pictures)

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Ebay listing:

Navy Blue Canali two-button blazer with enamel nautical-themed (seahorse on ship's helm, or wheel, motif) brass buttons by Holland & Sherry

Measurements: Label reads Size 56 (European), so 44 or 46 American
Shoulder (top of shoulder across back, seam to seam) - 23"
Chest (armpit to armpit) - 48"
Length (bottom of collar to bottom of jacket) - 33"
Sleeves (top of shoulder seam to end of sleeve cuff) - 26.5"

Please email me at if you're interested. Will sacrifice for less than a quarter of retail value. Free shipping!

Thank you for looking,


From the Holland & Sherry website: (

"From the second half of the seventeenth century, brass blazer buttons were produced in the city of London for military and civilian wear. When manufacturing became uneconomical in the more expensive parts of London, production moved to Birmingham in the Midlands, where it has continued for more than a hundred years.

Unlike inferior products, Holland & Sherry brass blazer buttons are all made in England, by hand.

Each button is cut from solid brass, individually die stamped in the traditional way, and then rough buffed by hand in preparation for plating in 9CT gold or bronze finishes. There are 19 individual processes involved in producing each button.

The majority of our buttons also feature enamel detail. Each enamelling is applied one at a time using a fine paintbrush, before being fired in a kiln at a very high temperature to ensure permanence. After cooling, the button is carefully inspected and the raised detail is burnished by hand."

From the Canali website (

"CANALI stands for tailoring, taste and Italian tradition - all of which add up to quality. It is the essential and primary ingredient which has always guided the strategic choices of the company. Every single garment is exclusively designed and produced in Italy, along strict tailoring standards. Canvas in suits, jackets and overcoats is always sewn in the old fashioned manner, never fused.

CANALI's quality starts from the raw materials: precious natural fibers, carefully selected and thoroughly checked.

Quality is the basis of our make: tailoring ability and modelling research are indispensable. The company styling team creates and develops patterns that exhibit innovative design yet perfect fit. This results from styling research and hand-crafted tailoring experience.

Advanced technology and craftmanship both contribute to the excellence of the manufacturing process. On one side, the use of the more and more sophisticated automatic cutting systems gives each garment a perfect consistency; on the other, the precise hand-sewing of detail finishings ensures that each product honors the quality of the materials, design, and cut.

The highly skilled personnel is one of the company's strengths. Every member of the production staff is specialized in only one phase of manufacture, the extensive training for which is given inside the factory. This ensures continuity of quality to the
highest standards.

Precious raw materials, modern creativity, global know-how, and a series of strict quality control checks: this creates CANALI quality.

A pleasure to wear: this is the distinguishing feature of a Canali jacket.

Its tailored structure guarantees elegance as well as softness. The canvas itself forms the support: canvas and outer fabric are basted before being sewn, building elasticity, volume and shape into the finished item.

Canali tailoring standards are recognizable in the details: the arm hole preparation as well as the cotton-wool and horsehair wadded shoulder padding - are pre-shaped and inserted just prior to stitching the sleeve, to allow future modifications for individual fit.

The jacket's superior functional elements include: four inside pockets, wide and well finished; stitched-on lapel facings; a wide underarm shield, separated from the lining and hand sewn.

Accurate finishings, too, tell the story: "columbia" stitchings, hand-felled under collar and arm hole - and to satisfy the most demanding wearer - open button holes at the bottom of jacket sleeves surrounding real horn buttons.

Canali's exceptional quality begins with its raw materials. Only natural fibers of the foremost quality are used. Selected from the best producers in the world, these materials are often made exclusively for Canali: sophisticated... wools; natural materials such as horsehair and pure cotton for the canvases; pure bemberg linings; buttons of... horn. It's pure quality.

Moreover, the Canali manufacturing process subjects all materials to testing at numerous checkpoints to verify that specifications are consistently met and to guarantee maintenance of the particular features that enhance quality: weight and color checks; peeling and traction tests; a steam process to ensure that the fibers remain stable, preventing structural changes during production; and visual checks to hunt for defects.

Once they have passed the initial verification process, raw materials are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse. Later, to avoid shrinkage during manufacture, basted canvases are soaked in cold water and dried at room temperature."

* * * * * *

This is a wonderful opportunity to add this classic staple to your clothing repertoire... at a mere fraction of the cost if you were to purchase it at a department store. Satisfaction guaranteed!

I have one other similar blazer (in gray) that was purchased at the same time at Bloomingdales for over $1,000. Click on the ebay link (above) and then click "view seller's other items" to view. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by amerikajinda
Measurements: Label reads Size 56 (European), so 44 or 46 American...
Chest (measured armpit to armpit) - 21" (doubled is 42")
You probably need to measure the chest again.
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Originally Posted by tiger02
You probably need to measure the chest again.

Thank you for pointing this out! I re-measured (the correct way), and the chest is 24", or 48" doubled, and allowing for the 4" (industry standard overage), that would put this jacket at a size 44 (American).
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Is the jacket vented? Has the waist been taken in, and if so, what is it?
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Hello and thanks for your question.
The jacket is not vented...
And it has not been altered - it has a "normal" waist (I will measure it this evening and report back).
Thank you.
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Originally Posted by coatandthai
Is the jacket vented? Has the waist been taken in, and if so, what is it?

Measured the waist -- it's 23" across the top button, from side to side. Hope this helps!
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Originally Posted by coatandthai

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