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I was just in the store looking for a moisturizer today and was quite overwhelmed by the immense selection. I pretty sure my purchuse was based solely on it looks cool and it was fairly expensive so it must be good. What do others use? And what should one look for in a moisturizer?
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I really like the moisturizer from Clarins. Excellent results, quite expensive though.
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I've been using Nivea and Jack Black products. They work pretty well and they're not too expensive.
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your purchase of a moisturizer should be based on your skin type

buying a moisturizer designed for dry skin when you have oily skin isn't going to do you any good

if you do have oily skin, as most men do, you likely need either no moisturizer and can get by with an spf sunscreen or an oil free moisturizer

there is recent debate that moisturizers with spf in them aren't that effective and you're better off using a separate spf sunscreen on your face post moisturization as spf factor wears off after about 20 minutes of exposure

expensively priced moisturizers are not necessarily better than a lower priced one
you may also need a different moisturizer for dry winter months as opposed to humid summer months

i like the oil free moisturizer from baxter of california for summer time use as it's light and does cause much shine during the day and is scent free; the oil free moisturizer from menessentials is also very light and is totally dye and scent free; i also like the korres borage anti-shine moisturizer with spf6, it's a bit creamier and heavier than the others and is a bit scented but doesn't create much shine

you should also look at a specific undereye moisturizer as the skin under your eye is much thinner and requires a different moisturizer than the rest of your face
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The Gillette stuff from the drugstore works just fine for me...
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I've used a range of moisturizers from Clarins to Anthony to Nivea to the cheap stuff. I think the biggest difference is the length of time you get. I noticed that the Anthony stuff makes your skin feel moist even after a whole day of wearing it. I used to do this entire clarins treatment everyday, with a clarins face wash, the clarins brightplus serum, then the clarins moisturizer (right on top). People would comment how tight and shiny my skin looked. It was costly and tedious to maintain though. It did make me a believer when it came to expensive moisturizers though. I think they don't sell the serum anymore though. Clarins themselves gives facials, so you could always get one and ask them which products to buy...

It's just as important to maintain a clean lifestyle for your skin as well. Take multivitamins without iron, reduce your alcohol and caffeine consumption (both dehydrate you), and try to reduce your computer / TV time. Of course, exercise as well. I'm now 36 and most women think I'm 25. I might drink 1 beer a week, but once went 5 years without a sip of caffeine or alcohol.
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Nevermind, they still do sell the serum:

It's ridiculously expense though. I only tried it because I got it for free (I was dating someone that worked there). It did works wonders, but not worth the price...
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I wash my face with Cetaphil and use aftershave. No need for moisturizers here.

(a drop or two of extra virgin olive oil is probably better than any of that crap you buy in the store.)
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It's hard to recommend a specific brand or product, as needs and preferences differ from person to person, but here are some of the criteria I use when evaluating moisturizers: 1) Does it fit your skin type (i.e. does it improve the dryness and moisturize your skin without making your skin too oily/wet) 2) How long does it last? Cheap creams may not be so cheap after all if you have to apply it very often, while expensive products may last longer (this is not always related to product price). 3) Do you like the feel? Some moisturizers give a cooling or warming feeling. I think this is pretty much up to personal preference, but I like the ones that cool down my skin. 4) Do you like the smell? Again, personal perference, but I like the ones with a slight perfume smell, but only so strong that it goes away when the cream is absorbed. If you want a perfumed one, you might consider getting one that is a part of a fragrance series or facial care kit (i.e. I used to use the Hugo Boss skin care series with scrub, facial wash and moisturizer--all with the same scent). You can also get moisturizers without perfume in them (and thus no smell). 5) Does it get absorbed fast into your skin? This may not be important if you only apply it once in the morning and it has time to get absorbed into the skin before you leave, but if applied often--and typically just before you leave the house--you probably want something that is absorbed quickly so you don't walk around with a wet/oily face.
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That's funny that you mention olive oil. I actually experimented for awhile with using body oil on face as well as almond oil, vitamin E oil and olive oil. The problem with oil is that you actually get some get temporary moisture, but your body tends absorb it quickly. After about 4 hours of having oil on face, it would completely absorb into my skin. I noticed that my skin's pores would grow (probably as they are getting clogged). Regular oil does work great on the rest of your body to prevent itchiness and ashyness. However, I'm not convinced about usage on your face since it's a different type of skin there.
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Also note that not as many people have oily skin as they may think. When you strip the oils from your face, your skin works overtime to replace them. Which is why I just use Cetaphil now. 16 ounces from Family Dollar for 2 bucks, and my skin has never been better. Not nearly as oily now.
post #12 of 21 or You won't loook back, and one bottle lasted me almost 2 years, and I applied it daily. Couldn't be happier!
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I use la prairie products. They're expensive but wonderful.
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I'm fairly happy with Kiehl's ultimate facial moisture and Baxter.
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I've used a bunch of different products, mainly post-shave and sometimes post shower after sport and the best I've found is the Clinique post-shave balm. It's more expensive than supermarket stuff but I don't need to use that much each time so it lasts a while.
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