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Keeping up appearances

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Take a look at some famous folk sans makeup: http://www.deansplanet.com/nomakeup.html http://ebaumsworld.com/celeb.html It's amazing, what a little makeup can do.
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Well in fairness it's pretty obvious that they're trying to make it look like there's a dramatic contrast, so of course they're going to find the worst photo they can. Lighting, camera quality, the position of a person (particularly if they're not actually posing for the picture), and just day-to-day appearances will have a far more dramatic effect than makeup. I imagine everyone has his share of really bad photos that make them look a lot worse than they do.
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The supposed picture of Charlize Theron without makeup is in fact a picture of her with a ton of makeup for her role in "Monster," so that's a bit unfair.  Frankly, if I'm seeing Charlize Theron without makeup, it's most likely first thing in the morning, in which case I'm not complaining.  
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I may be wrong, but I think Christina Auguliara's (sp) non makeup picture is straight out of a Versace ad.
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Yes, Charlize Theron's is straight out of Monster, complete with "uglifying" makeup. Aguilera's I'm not sure about. And yes, several were probably "impromptu" pics which were probably taken without the subjects' knowledge. It's just that many of these people look(when not sexed-up in skimpy/tight clothes and/or makeup) not that different(better) than women we're used to seeing. I just found it sort of interesting.
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I knew it. Right from an ad. Here it is.
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The late Charles Revson, founder of cosmetics giant Revlon, once commented, "We sell hope in a bottle", in describing the nature of Revlon's business.
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