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Full-length coat

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I need a full-length coat, black, cashmere, but here's the kicker - I'm a young, slim guy and don't want the typical boxy look - is there anything that's a little more fitted? Much appreciated, thanks.
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Probably one of the Italian houses would have what you're looking for. I'd try some of Steve B.'s outlets because that will be pretty much out of season right now and you might be able to get a deal. Also, since a long coat is a very simple garment with little in the way of construction, you might be able to get a tailor to take your size coat and recut it to fit you better for not as much money as you might think. I actually found nice Ralph Lauren lambswool and cashmere overcoats for $70, but only in 46R, and considered buying one and recutting the whole thing to fit me (40R-L). You can't buy the fabric for that much. j.
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Here are some brands to look at that have a slim and fitted look: Helmut Lang Jil Sander Prada Calvin Klein Collection These brands probably aren't a surprise to anyone, but just in case you were unaware...
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That RL coat is my size.. Where'd you find it?
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I want to put this back on top because I really want this thing...
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They are at the Nordstrom Rack in Bellevue WA.
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I am about the same size, kind of tall, slim, I have a Banana Republic full length that fits my body like a glove, it was aroung $350 and worth every penny, however I bought it back in November and they may be harder to find now. I also have a three-quarter length form fitted mens express black coat that I only paid a little over $200 for, both excellent but Banana Republic seems to be of a litle better quality. Here in Northern Kentucky there aren't too many "nicer" stores to choose from.
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J, Got a great sweater and pair of cuff links at that Rack just about a year ago. Anyway- phone no and address would be at, under Bellevue, Washington.
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