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Custom Suit Problem

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I ordered a custom suit (not full bespoke) from a reputable NY clothier (along the lines of a Mr. Ned, but not Mr. Ned) I learned about on this board - picked out my fabric in the store and had it made to spec. While the slacks are great, I am a bit disappointed with the jacket...I wanted high gorge and it seems somewhat low to me...I can probably deal with that part as this is my first from him and it may just be a function of the house style. What bothers me is that I picked out a nice light grey glenn plaid and the buttonholes are all sewn with a grey thread that is significantly darker than the suit fabric (think charcoal). I think that it makes the buttonholes stand out from the suit and does not look very good. The fabric was on the higher end and the suit came to a shade over $1000 all-in. I expressed my displeasure and the proprietor said that the factory was responsible for the buttonholes and that they told him the color is acceptable for this color suit fabric. The proprietor said that he could send the suit back to have the buttonholes re-done but it would cost him a fortune. According to him, it would cost less to have him make a new suit. I'm not really sure how to handle this - I've already paid half - am I making a big deal over nothing?
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I don't think it would cost that much to have the buttonholes redone. If you want to keep using this clothier then make it clear that you are unhappy, but that you will accept it this time. But not next time, since you're preferences are now clear. IMO, this is not something big enough to make a big fuss about, since you didn't specify in the first place. It's more a styling issue.
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Originally Posted by brass4321
am I making a big deal over nothing?

I don't think so. Actually, your tone is quite civil for someone who spent a grand on a suit that came back with contrasting buttonhole stitching (not requested) and a cut/gorge different from what was requested and agreed.

You're absolutely entitled to voice your displeasure and take your business elsewhere if your first suit did not meet your expectations. Question is: what do you do now? Take the suit and shell out the other $500 or leave the suit with this guy and loose your deposit?
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I happened upon the owner of the shop, and he can remedy the problem.

I sent you a private message with the details.

Good luck!
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That estimate for repairing the buttonhole stitching seems way off. Let's assume it's a 3-button suit with four working buttons on each cuff. That's 11 buttons total that have to be removed and resewn. If the suit costs the tailor $800 to make, that's over $70 per button. I gotta get into this button-sewing business if that cost estimate is correct.
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