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I just bought a Barbour "Revere" wool 4-flap pocket jacket and it was true to size.
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So, I just took the coat to my tailors and was quoted a total of $35 to bring in both sides and move the button position a tad. I'll post some pics when it's done.
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I bought a medium in green. It's very comfortable and seems warm. I'm a 40 R and it's pretty slim. Maybe even too slim for me. Even the armholes are kinda high. It's not regular blazer slim, but pretty slim for a "jacket" which is how I'd wear it. Mine is much more fitted than the pic from Chips. Of course, at 40 R, I'm at the top end for the medium jacket. Trying to figure out if I like it or not. I do like the look, but I'm not sure it will make the rotation enough to keep it. I can't see this replacing the Beaufort as I love all the pockets in the Beaufort. I might try and post a picture.
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I returned mine. I didn't like the finish, which wasn't as shiny as the beaufort I ruined a while ago. Also, I couldn't figure out where it would fit in my wardrobe because it is not a serious outdoors or rain jacket, and I have much more stylish things for when the weather is nicer.
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Got mine today and I really like it. Mine was marked "slim" and I now have 3 pieces from the Barbour "slim" line and think they are all fantastic. I also grabbed an olive corduroy Liddesdale from STP while I was at it.
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Perhaps we need waxed Barbour pocket squares
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Mine is supposed to be ready on Tuesday. I second the desire for it to have more pockets. I don't care if it looked more country, regardless of its blazer design.

I really need to stop buying coats. Start saving for a pair of Ambrosi's or something.
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Here's the jacket after having it taken in 6 inches total. I love the fit and look forward to beating the hell out of it, giving it some character. It is incredibly warm and light weight. My only niggling issue is that the collar came with a high crease pressed into it, that took a bit of time to try to iron out.

I dropped about another 8 pounds since I took it in to be altered so from the pics, it's a bit hard for me to tell that it fits drastically tighter.

If I wasn't such an idiot when it comes to technology, I'd post side by side pics to compare.

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Chips, It looks awesome, you got just the right amount of shape to it!! I agree with you, its very warm for such a cool looking jacket. Perfect for Houston . Regards. PS. I have the same damn crease in the collar. I think they packaged it wrong.
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I put a thin cotton cloth over it as I ironed it as hot as I could. I was worried about getting anything on the iron or putting a shine on the fabric. With a great deal of pressure, it took out some of the creasing, but it still shows a bit. It will just have to loosen up with wear I suppose.

I think this will be a great layering jacket for use when I go shooting, I can fill tons of shotgun shells in the two front pockets, and the high armholes allow for an easy range of motion. It was 45 degrees and windy the last few days coming out of work ( in the AM ) and I couldn't even feel the wind.
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That does look good. I didn't even contemplate having it altered lest I would have sprung for an XXL in the absence of an XL.
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It only cost me $39 to have both sides taken in and the buttons moved ever so slightly in. I have a weird penchant for replacing buttons on jackets. I think I might switch these out too. Maybe something corozco or a slightly lighter horn....
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Sorry to bump an ancient thread, but I NEED this jacket in a medium or large. Someone sell me their 3 year old blazer. Surely you're sick of it
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