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The people in Beijing are typically very warm and easy to get along with, at least compared to southerners, plus for my money, northern girls are much better (taller, prettier) than their southern counterparts, especially those from Dongbei and Beijing, nothing sexier than a Beijing accent, then again, I married a Beijing girl, so I'm partial...
Yes, I guess it all depends what perspective you're coming from. I think most of the culture inside Asia often tends to prefer women who are the most Caucasian-looking possible without actually being White, which is why Northern Asians who have white skin and are taller tend to be standard for modeling, etc. Japan for instance used to hold very narrow-eyed women as the ideal (evidenced in historical paintings), but that has changed to round-eyed models being the norm, and they will fiercely reject any notion that they're trying to 'look white.' I think this all comes to the disadvantage of Southern Chinese and all Southeast Asians.. whose natural beauty is disregarded by other Asians because they have a flat nose or darker skin or are shorter. Caucasians themselves however, who visit the region or whatever, invariably think the Southerners or SE Asians are the most beautiful and the Northerners appear 'boring', much to the surprise of the natives. In the end, a culture is just attracted to whatever is the most 'exotic' looking, so it's all relative.
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Just wanted to bump this thread:

I am in Beijing for a couple of days and wanted to go shopping.

I don't want do the high end shopping thing since I can get that back home and be certain stuff is real, plus prices are way higher here.

I am looking for places that sale good basics and local fashionable stores that sale fashion forward clothing from local designers. Stuff that I can get back home in LA. The only place i know I want to visit is Uniqlo since they aren't none in LA, but thats about it.

Can I get some help?
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for uniqlo go to sanlitun, xidan, qianmen or wangfujing. I like the Xidan one the most but they're pretty much the same. for cool random brands you can go to some places in sanlitun village, nanluoguxiang, and 798 art district. If you need directions on any of these places--just ask!
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Studied there for a semester. Beijing girls are ugly. Thier accent is horrible. Thier food is terrible. Bars are terrible. People are rude and ugly and unfashionable. Somehow because Beijing people are taller, they think they are automatically better. Well it doesn't help if you are tall and ugly. Despite all this, I do miss it and want to go back though.
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Looks like I'm going to be in this great city next week for a few days. Are there any SF'ers in Beijing?
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Originally Posted by superfans124 View Post

I am a native, but can't say I know the city well thesedays.

shopping is indeed horrible in Beijing, I don't know what is the problem, name brands are way overpriced here, even on sale it's a joke compares to prices in the States. Then cheap stuff are just cheap in price, by compromising on everything else. White collars in mainland China go to HongKong to commit binge shopping (everything from clothes to electronics), if that tells you anything.... [....]

..........Though the air quality has gotten way better thanks to the Olympics, it's still something westerners would sniff at, but I've never seen a bluer Beijing sky and clearer starry beijing nights most of this past summer compares to my childhood memories, that says a lot.
By the way, is the OP korean by ethnicity? If so, then you'd probably find it slightly more comfortable, since there are sizable Korean communities in Beijing, pretty much Korean "settlements" in Wang Jing, Wu Dao Kou and spreading. Even not, you'd still find locals in Beijing much more friendlier than New Yorkers (though it isn't saying much). Chinese are rude amongst ourselves but friendly toward foreigners, wonderful in a pathetic way, sometimes you'd be surprised to find how out-of-its-way a local will go to help a foreigner if you speak a foreign language that indicates you are from a "cooler" country.
When everything fails, I will still love this abomination, the architectural freak-show of the world in Beijing, simply for the cultural relevance and emotional connection. But for everything else there are better options.

There you go, that's what I have to advice from a semi-native-semi-foreign perspective.

Hey thanx this is a revelation- I wonder whether your comments are indicative of the views of many other Beijingers? if so says to me that you're a self-deprecating lot. 'Horrible' 'too huge' ' lack of planning' 'too cold' 'too hot', 'won't enjoy living here', 'rude amongst ourselves', and last!! 'this abomination' '
I can't wait to check this place out .
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I would also recommend that people check out Wuhao. It may not have much in terms of classic menswear, but it is one of the most interesting concept shops in the world and a great place to see the work of rising Chinese designers. BNC is also interesting and a good place to get gifts.
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