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one of my favourite t-shirts i own is of a dragon raping a unicorn riding a skateboard. on a red background. it's really sick, bra
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Dude, you showed us where to get the pants like Ferris wears, but where can I buy the leopard vest you mentioned? Help!
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What the hell This threak is fucked in the head
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Originally Posted by pandamonium View Post
You'll need some nice jeans. My go-to pair are Nudie Slim Jims (180)
You'll need two or three pairs of shoes: one or two should be boots or chukkas. My current infatuation are my Alden 405 (Indy Boots): (approx 600-800)
You'll need some shirts, which is really up to you. Now that it's getting colder outside I'm wearing more and more flannel (like J Crews FW09 stuff): 70-80 per shirt
You'll need one or two jackets/coats. One should be good, hardy wool. You're looking at 200-300 per.

I think this should get you at your budget. This is just the basics, though, stuff you'll need for everyday. Of course, as everyone else says, try to shape your own style, these are just items that most people have as their basics.

This is a decent start, but it's just the tip of the iceberg, and of course that all has a styleforum bias.

Just hang out, read threads, check the WAYWT threads, see how things are supposed to fit, see which looks you like, and go from there.
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I'll give you a legit response, although it sucks you didn't give your body type:

You need good jeans, check out: APC New Standard, Nudie Slim Jim, Naked And Famous Slim Guy. These are all dry jeans, they'll be about $150-200, but it's completely worth it. These will be your jeans, you will wear them daily, and not wash them. It seems weird, but it's the cool thing to do. Your jeans will turn from being a classy dark indigo into badass fades in a couple of months:

Photo from Poly800rock, showing excellent hand made Ande Whall jeans:

Shoes are extremely important, many people underestimate them. If you're as fashionless as you claim, you probably are wearing some new balances or something right now. For a cheap fix, converse all stars and vans authentics are nice. Don't get any screwy colours or patterns, white or black. Don't worry about expensive sneakers right now, you'll buy them on your own accord when you're ready for them. Winter is approaching as well, and being in Canada, you'll need a decent pair of boots. I wear LL Bean Kahtadin:

On the top portion you just need to make sure it fits. There are some easy nice outfits. I like a white polo under a deep coloured cardigan, such as burgundy, purple, or gray. Paired with dark slim denim this works quite well. However, it must be worn as slim as you can possibly wear it, no more than 2" or so wider than your chest is. It is important to know your measurements. Provided you're not emaciatedly slim like many people on this forum, including myself, are, you can probably find well sized sweaters or polos at JCrew, and American Apparel makes quite decent slim fit cardigans with very well shaped slim arms. Don't buy into brand hype, just because it is $100 and has an alligator on it doesn't mean it's a great product, wear what fits your body.

The key points are to keep it slim and keep it simple. If your clothing fits properly, is colour coordinated (not hard to do with jeans,) and is not gaudy, it will probably look good. Get the basics down before you try anything crazy.
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I think the key is to try on everything, every style in a store. (even ones you think is so gay LOL).

Often, people, who are careless about fashion, tend to stick with one style that they they know it will look good on them, and usually buy one size bigger than they think it's their size.

So, I don't know if Canada has neiman, but I'd suggest to go to store like Neiman Lastcall store.. which will carry from designers to contemporary... and they don't really care how many cloth you try them on (although they have limit of number of cloth that you can bring into dressing room).

Grab whatever that is your size and also one size smaller, and keep trying them on.
with the life size mirror, you CAN tell what looks good on you or not..
and try something you think it's totally ugly... sometimes you may surprised it turn out the best one for you...

I just thought it might be good idea/place to start... ?
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Originally Posted by Doin' Fine. View Post
What sweatpants are wearing? Been looking for a solid pair.
I'm actually wondering too. My cdg wool trousers are baggy to where i kinda get a sweatpant vibe when tucked in. I wear these elastic cuff AA ones from time to time that i actually like but wish i sized up one on them for a looser silhouette. Want to get another pair or two
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sweatpants super cheap
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^except those ones are about $300+
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Like this!

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Not a bad idea but he should apply the makeup more carefully...
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Those sweatpants are basically dress pants though. Not really what he or i were talking about.
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Can someone just create a "simple wadrobe overhaul" threak and sticky it? Hell, I'd even reference it.
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Originally Posted by JesseJB View Post
Can someone just create a "simple wadrobe overhaul" threak and sticky it? Hell, I'd even reference it.

I think that's a fantastic idea as a fellow new member. Just lay out some simple, basics that one should have in their wardrobe to get them started...jeans, basics, 2 or so pairs of shoes, pair of boots, coat, etc, etc. Also, it would be advantageous to lay out some GOOD designers such as:

Raw Denim-Flathead, Iron Heart, APC
Basic T's-J Crew, AA
Shoes-Converse or Vans

(of course that's very broad, just giving an example)

You know just something easy like that. It would answer SOOO many 'Help me get started' threads....
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