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Gray Sterlingwear 34R, bespoke TOJ-esque bomber ~36

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Hi all, trying to drum up funds for my TOJ orders. Pics, measurements to come tonight or tomorrow, camera battery is charging. Shipping includes ConUS, add $10 for Canada, all other at cost.

1. Clarks Beeswax Desert Boots size 9

2. Sterlingwear Authentic, medium gray, 34R

Bought here, love it, but now that I'm upgrading to a TOJ, there is no longer a need. Fits me great as a 37, recommended for 36-38. IMO, fits a true small-slim medium. Will fit a 38 with a nice snug cut, 36 with some room. See Peacoat thread for more sizing info. Condition 8/10, nothing wrong with it but some pilling on the lining, used for 1 season.

3. IC: Our Legacy chunky navy shawl-collar cardigan, size S/46
Great cardigan, lots of hype around here recently. I have the hard-to-find size Small but I'm not sure if it fits my long-term aesthetic plans. Fits slim and true, very nice. This size is sold out everywhere I look, get it here! Used lightly <5 times, still have tag and extra button. I want close to what I paid for this, feel free to send an offer, if you'd like. Hanger was only for the picture, I swear!
P2P: 20
S2S: 16.5
Sleeve: 23 (I would not say the sleeves are short, though)
Length: 25

4. Still selling: MJK tan/white striped cotton cardi, size S
Very nice cardigan, a steal at this price!
P2P: 20"
S2S: 18"
Length BOC: 25"
Sleeve: 25.5"

IC: 5. Made in UK bespoke dark brown skinny bomber, ~36

^ACTUAL Jacket
Just bought this from Walneal, a member here, it looks really awesome, and I'm excited. But I haven't received it yet, and there's a chance it may be too small for me (it measures like a shirt that would fit me well, I'm a 37). He says: "Butter soft nappa lamb leather, extremely skinny fit, details all around. Button cuff with detachable black fur collar. Worn once." I'm putting this up as an interest check so I can move it quick if it doesn't work for me. I was inspired to buy this after seeing how cool a skinny bomber can look in the TOJ thread:

^NOT the jacket up for sale
Walneal's measurements:
Shoulder 16 3/4
pit 18.5 ("very high armholes hence the tighter cut")
sleeves 25.5 ("meant to be long and narrow, will hang on the wrist")
length 25
sleeve width (presumably at cuff): ~6.5

6. Self Edge Pote Tin Kyriaki gray flannel, size small. This is SOLD OUT.
Bought this in great condition, selling because I'm a little too tall for it. I love the styling, and I think the yoke-flap pockets are awesome. Wish this fit me better because I think it's awesome, would probably keep, but need money for impending kops. Stock photo, but mine's in like-new condition. I've misplaced my camera, so I'm not able to get pics right now but it's 9/10, never washed. This retailed for $190.
S2S: 17"
P2P: 20"
Sleeve: 24.75"
Length: 26"

Thanks for looking!
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Passing on the peacoat... it's all right, ToJ is a worthy reason.

Dude's an up-front guy and he's got style. Buy his shit.
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pics of our legacy?
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Some pics up
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Drop on the pea. Having camera problems, will try to get boot pix up shortly.
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give me dibs on the cardi for a little bit, i need to see if i can purchase it asap. otherwise u can put it back on the market.
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I will take the Clarks, pending pics of the scuff, if you wouldnt mind
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Originally Posted by Kill_switch View Post
give me dibs on the cardi for a little bit, i need to see if i can purchase it asap. otherwise u can put it back on the market.
Will be on hold until Thursday. Please note that, as an interest check, I reserve the right to take it off the market at anytime I put some Obenauf's on the clarks and they're looking great, probably 8/10. Scuff is hardly noticeable, look for a slightly darker spot on the left toe. Sorry for pics, my roommate's camera is not very good.
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I have that Our Legacy cardigan in the oatmeal color and it is badass. Looks great and it's warm as shit. I recommend that you buy this one from this legit gentleman.
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really interested in the peacoat, please email me at hoping to negotiate. thanks
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Clarks sold and shipped, drop on the MJK cardi. Let's get that thing outta here!
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You really want the mjk gone don't you! I'm surprised it's still there. What's the material mix of the OL cardi?
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Yeah, I decided I'm not very interested in stripes. The material on the OL is a very nice 60 wool/40 acrylic Italian yarn. It's almost like outerwear, so I can see how the acrylic content would come in handy for durability. FWIW, the cardi is also jet-approved. It's a very heavy, quality knit, and the blend is the only reason for the low price. OL's all-wool knits go for more. If you don't want to take my word for it, ask someone else who has one, I know kelvinsense does, and so does Mr. Saelan above.
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Added an interest check on a great leather jacket! Reserve it now if it doesn't fit me!
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MJK pending, adding SE flannel
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