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A little help with ties

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Gentlemen, I work in an office that requires suit and tie everyday (alas, no casual Fridays). However, we're not in a formal industry, so we can spice things up with the suit/tie/shoes or whatever. It keeps things fun with the more formal dress. I usually wear Gene Meyer ties (lots of colors, not too busy). Well, Gene is out of business and I usually can get some of his old ties on Ebay. Lately, I've bought a few Paul Smith ties, which are colorful enough, but hit or miss. I like some of the Etro ties as well, though they are also hit or miss. Anyone have any recommendations for nicely colored, not too busy, yet bold ties?
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As we have similar taste in ties (even though I'm not particularly fond of Gene Meyer), I'll give you my recommendations: Versace - every now and then you can find one that has great colors and isn't totally off the wall. Duchamp - bright, vibrant colors in conservative patterns. Ungaro - Not the greatest construction, but some nice prints. GFF - Can get a little crazy, but you can find some more conservative stuff My favorite of late has been the ties from Christian Lacroix. He uses texture, patterns and color to create some great looking and unqiue ties. Also, lately I've been partial to paisley - I think it complements check patterns very well. Take a look at Robert Talbott.
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Talbott has some pretty bright colors this spring season in stripes. XMI also does some nice things with color.
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