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Originally Posted by Flambeur View Post
I'm trying to track some down for a halloween costume..

I am too, actually. I'm thinking army-navy store.
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Cargo pants are a boon to the skinny-tall ("No, I'm not riding a chicken, I have thin legs!"). They fill us out a bit. Plus they're a practical bridge between leisure and laboring states. They aren't going away, in any case. In the classic category, IMO.
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Several designers (think SuFu brands) make slim fitting cargo pants. That being said, I would never wear them, although I do see them a lot.
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abercrombie. pre-distressed hem preferable so people know i've been through rough and rumble with them, when in reality i just got them at the mall yesterday.
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I was reading Northern Virginia Magazine in line at the grocery check-out the other day. They ran a piece on stylish locals and one of the men featured was shown wearing trim flannel trousers with almost no break. The rest of his dress was very trad, almost Thom Browne-ish but not comical in any way. Normally I would balk at the idea of cargo pants, but this guy made them look good. I guess, like anything, its all in the execution.
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Anyone here knows where can i get a cargo pants in slim cut like incotex or mabitex?
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There are a few Cucinelli on SF (e.g here ) and ebay right now ( those Cucinellis are not that slim)
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Thanks for the heads up unfortunately I am a waist 30. Too big for me... It would good if someone can recommend me an online shop I can buy..
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I have a pair. I usually wear it when I fly, which is frequently. The pockets come in handy stashing things while i am waiting in the airport. Otherwise, they are worn as more of a utility on the weekends when I am washing my car or running errands.

They are good utility pants. Not so much for fashion.
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I work in IT. Cargo pants required with all the tools and handheld devices I have to carry.
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2005 called and asked for mine back.
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I wear cargo pants more in warmer months when I'm active outdoors.
3 pr in my wardrobe to cover various temperatures & needs:
1 pr North Face (Tope) Microfibre, lightweight, can convert to shorts (zippered legs at knee)
1 pr Tilley Endurables (Tan) Heavyweight multi-pockets/compartments (can also convert to shorts)
1 pr Tilley Endurables (Tan) Lightweight plain. These can even be worn with a sport jacket.
1 pr Hugo Boss Linen (Tan) Lightweight multi-pockets. (Dressier than the Tilley's)

I prefer cargo pants that can be worn long or as shorts.
Ofcourse they are extremely useful for camping, hiking & beachwear too. 1,001 uses.
Tilley Endurables (the heavy grade ones that feel like canvas) are almost indestructable.
The North Face ones I have are ultra light. Adequate for chilly summer nights and take up almost no space in a bag when travelling.
My Hugo Boss pr in tan/rope linen, though functional, are for pure pretention.
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I haven't worn Cargo pants since ~2003. Unfortunately if I am going to wear shorts, I have to wear Cargo Shorts because my thighs and ass are too muscular for regular shorts (Note: I like my shorts LOOSE, it's muggy as sin in Chicago in the summer)
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I remember wearing cargo pants or something similar when doing the military service. All of us did. All in the same colour, some kind of horrible green colour.
That was almost 30 years ago. I never feel any desire to wear them nowadays.
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As previously stated, I wear them for certain activities and own a few pairs specifically for those roles.
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