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I love the new fabrics,but I feel uneasy about the split selvage. I'm confused on the usage of the split selvage. Is it just because of the different size of the fabric?

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What's to be uneasy over? Other brands have done half selvage hems for ages (see: Lee.) Doesn't change the quality, it's merely an aesthetic choice. As in this case, the fabric roll had an additional 17" of width meaning that if he just cut off the edges to make a standard selvage hem, he'd have a lot more "wasted" fabric from the middle section.

Basically, he'd either have to buy more yards to make the same jeans with a standard hem or he could buy less yards, make the same jeans, and not have a bunch of cut up fabric left over.
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Oh, I'm not talking about how the split selvage reflects the quality. It's just that the split selvage didn't appeal to me.Like you said, it's an aesthetic choice.


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Rogue Territory - are you going to get a restock of the dark brown herringbone pants in larger sizes ever?
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Easiest thing is to just email Karl directly. He only checks in here every now and then.
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Does anyone have the RK natural selvedge canvas? Looking for a pant to wear in the summer heat. How do these look after some wear? Look a little too white brand new for my taste...


Also, wondering how accurate the measurements are on the site. I've checked a few different sites that carry these and they have different measurements. I understand there will be variations from one pair to another, but I'm hoping these come with more room in the upper leg than some sites indicate. I'm 31" waist and need 12" thigh. On this note, how does duck canvas stretch relative to denim? If the thighs are 11.75" brand new as their site indicates will they stretch to over 12" without much effort?



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There may be some variance in measurements but I'm guessing you won't find the upper thigh to be as roomy as you like. Cotton duck does not stretch much, less then most denim IME. Also, getting the thighs to stretch much is challenging. Maybe a .25" is possible, but certainly not more. I think the RT site has the most accurate measurements.

Like you, the sweet spot on thigh measurement is ~12" for me. 11.75 works too, but anything closer to 11.5 is pretty snug. I just picked up the Stantons in a 31, and the thigh feels good (I could size down to a 30 for waist and top block, but then the thighs would for sure bee too tight). With wear, I'm guessing it will settle nicely and be a good slim fit w/out being uncomfortably tight.

You might just email Karl. He's very responsive.
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thanks for your response. do you know how to get in touch with karl? i've tried the e-mail on their site with no luck.

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dbl Indigo workshirt. 



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Here are my 3 month old RT Dark Stanton.  Worn about 4 days a week.


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Damn! That looks real nice. If he could find brass buttons that would look even better!
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It's a prototype but honestly, I hope he doesn't switch to brass. I don't think he will, either, seeing as how his jeans don't use brass.

It's the fact that they're not brass, that this isn't another Type 1/101J, is the point he's trying to make.
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haha. I get it, I get it. The jacket is still nice either way, hope it gets released one day.
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Originally Posted by danisdead View Post


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Is it true the stantons don't stretch at all in the waist? I've read conflicting info on it. 


Just got a pair of the black one's and I can button them up all the way, but they are pretty tight in the waist. Fit is good everywhere else. Should I break them in or size up? 

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