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Originally Posted by Tyrone MacStiophain View Post

Karl, if you're reading this, do you have any recommendations if I decide I need to hem the length? My machine can't do a chain stitch, but would a long stitch in dark navy thread look okay?
Thanks in advance.

If you havent already, I'd shoot Karl an email directly through the RT website.
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Haven't yet, but I think I will. Good suggestion.
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Hey Tyrone, I do offer free hemming with every RGt purchase. If, however you're looking to do it yourself I have nothing against a standard lock stitch. actually most of my jeans that I own are lock stitch just because I was too lazy to go use a chain stitch machine since I don't own one at the moment.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks Karl - I knew you did hemming, but I wasn't sure how much they'd shrink so I opted out. Next pair I'll have a better idea. Thanks for answering.
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Anybody got any other fit pics of the RKs? Besides the ones Plett on YHBTI and on RTs website? Would these have the typical fades associated with other raw denim? Thanks in advance!
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The RKs are a raw denim but since they are 2X1 construction instead of a typical 3X1 construction there isn't as much indigo present in on the yarn, therefore you won't be getting the high and lows, contrast, crocking, bleeding whatever you want to call it that you would expect to get on a normal 3X1 construction. You'll see fading over time but it'll be subtle.

Hope this helps.

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Wow thanks for the explanation Karl! Odd question though: I'm debating between a 31 and a 32. All the measurements of the 31 match with my favorite pair of trousers, but my waist is really a measured 32". Which size should I get?

Always a very cool thing to have direct contact with the man behind the curtain icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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@lummers it's great to talk to people that are interested in what I'm doing!

Honestly, this is a question/confusion most people have even myself. when you say that 32" is your actual measurement does that mean you took a measuring tape and measured the circumference of your waist? OR does it mean you laid your jeans flat and measured across the waistband from end to end on got 16" and doubled that measurement to get 32".

When I talk about actual measurements I take a measuring tape and wrap it around where I usually wear my jeans. For me, that measurement is a 34.5" that is the finished measurement of RTs tag size 31 taking the measuring tape and measuring from keyhole to button. It's very VERY rare that you find a jean thats tag size correlates directly with the actual circumference of the waistband from key hole to button. I guess you can call that "vanity sizing" Maybe some Japanese repro brands and Levis 501s are the exception.

anyway my goal is create a page on my site that is dedicated to showing people how I come to my measurements so I can try to address some of these questions.

Honestly, if you usually buy tagged size 31 in most brands then you should get a 31 in RGt.

Hope this helps...please let me know if there's any confusion.


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Oh yeah that info/explanation helps greatly, thanks!

My actual waist is 32" and my measured waists on 3 pairs of denim (after being worn for a few months) all measure about 33" total when laid flat. I typically wear them more on my hip. I've bought anywhere between a 28 and 31 tagged sized denim from brands like APC, Nudies and Momotaro (slowly moving up the chain lol) My favorite pairs of chinos/trousers that sit a little higher have been a tagged 31, but measure out to be about 32".

I'm really leaning to the 31..

I loved seeing the progress and seeing that these are having a second run. When I first met Plett he was wearing the previous version and loved pointing out the details. Then when Zach from Haberdash Chicago got his pair he and I were talking about them (I used to work there). I had missed out on the first run bc I didn't have the funds, but I was ecstatic about a second run!

Definitely looking forward to your dark stantons too!
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Hey, does anyone know if there will be any promotional offers running any time soon? Honestly, even a free shipping promo will be enough to convince me to kop.

god, I'm such a cheapass foo.gif
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Originally Posted by Aries83 View Post

For anyone interested, I have the work shirt (dbl indigo) in an L, hardly worn because I've lost weight and it's now too big.Beautiful shirt too, but no matter how many times I put it on, too big .

p2p measurements?
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will you be releasing anything in the "Steve" fit in the future? I really liked that fit.
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Hey Karl,

I saw on your tumblr that you might be doing another release of the double indigo workshirt, but have been working on the bottoms. Were the bottoms you were referring to the RK ISC or the DBL work trousers?

Anxiously waiting for my RKs to ship! I'm hoping they'll get here before the pre-order for the RK ISC closes on Sunday lol
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Just received the dark Stantons from Need Supply -- amazing jeans! Beautiful denim, perfect cut. Great work guys.
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Glad you like them!
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