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Pretty into the work trousers. $270 is steep though.
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Hey guys, Karl here. I'll try to answer any questions that you guys have and post more pics of my line. Thanks to Mike for all the posts you really hooked it up.
Before I move forward with answering the questions. i wanted to clear some stuff up so there's no confusion.
the Double Indigo Selvage Trousers are not part of my collection, I bought sample yardage and made a pair for myself a while back and was hoping to add them to my 1st collection but the denim was waaaaay out of my budget...that being said I was able to get the same denim in wide goods. It breaks down the exact same way and is the EXACT same color it's just not selvage. The guy sitting down in the first pic is wearing what's part of the collection (wide goods dbl indigo).

Here are a few fit pics of the trousers: hope they help

back pockets are fully lined and every pair of my jeans sports a pen pocket in the back pocket as well
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I am taking orders, but quantity is very limited so don't sleep on these if you really want a pair. I believe someone mentioned this already but I'll confirm that my line has also been picked up at Craft and American Rag here in LA. Anyone is welcome to stop by my shop which is located in AMRag. I always enjoy the visits Chambray Shirts (grey and blue) have been stone washed. the grey has natural color buttons and thread and the blue has navy blue thread and beat up navy buttons (I left buttons on thru stone wash) Work shirt is made out of the same 12.5oz double indigo as the trouser with black thread and black buttons Bill over at Craft has also done an inpromptu photoshoot. so you should check out those pics as well to get a better idea of fits and overall look. I'll be wearing both my trousers and work shirt religously, I'll post my progress on both so you can see how well this denim fades. Please let me know if you have any other questions. you can contact me directly at
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Hmm... Never been to Craft. Maybe I'll check that and amrag this week.
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Is the brownish work trouser available yet? Cheers,
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everyone and their mother is doing workwear lines now.

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I agree, everyone is doing work wear and it has been done to death, fortunately for me I'm a denim designer focused on making what I like and what I think other denim enthusiasts would appreciate. I made my first pair of trousers about a year ago, people liked them so I added them to my line. I see them as a staple, not a fad. that being said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
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Brown denim trouser is available at Craft right now. AmRag should be recieving them anyday now.
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You don't need to pay a lot of attention to most of the things bubblymasquerade says.
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yeah, i don't really see rogue territory as workwear, i see jeans.
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Hey, thanks to those who came by to check my stuff out at AmRag this weekend...I'd love to hear some feedback now that some of you have seen it in person. -also- is live! you can check out size charts and fit pics as well as learn more about what I'm doing.
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Site looks great, do you have any pictures of some of the more interesting custom jeans you've done? Also what boots is the model wearing in this picture:
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Really liking the stanton and the original issue. Possibly my next pair of jeans.
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Karl, I really like the stuff and while it could fall into the work wear category I totally respect that you are designing based on what you like and the your particular persepctive. As a designer myself (albeit very new to design) I think being genuine and consitant is the only way to create a true identity. I am excited to check out your stuff next time I am in LA. Out of curiousity are your doing production in California?
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some detailed shots of my 5 pocket jeans
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