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We will be hosting another Local artist, David Phillips for our ongoing Artist Series called "Mandalas and Fields". David is showing this work for the first time from May 8th thru May 19th 2006. Using aluminum plates and metal powder, David configures his images with Magenets to create this work. Our reception for him will be on May 12th, from 6>8pm and all are invited.
On May 20th, we will be having the Bills Khakis/Shattuck Shelter Clothing Drive to benefit the guests of the shelter. I have been holding this event for the Shattuck Shelter for 10 years and we are excited for this anniversary. The Mayor of Cambridge will be here to celebrate this event with us. We offer 20% off any Bills Khakis product including alterations for your clothing donations to the shelter that day. I hope that any Boston area member will come by with arm loads of your seasonal discards. It will be greatly appreciated.
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