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Like others above, I highly recommend keeping a running list of items you need (of course you'll need to define "need" as well) and don't necessarily limit yourself to buying them on sale. I used to be a hardcore bargain shopper, but I found that I usually made a compromise between what I wanted and what I bought because "it was on sale." That usally lead to me regretting more than my fair share of purchases. These compromises lead to me thinking that my wardrobe wasn't quite right, so I continued to buy more and never found an equilibrium. Now that I started to buy some items at retail I feel like I don't need to expand my wardrobe anymore...until I save enough to buy my Alden Shell #8 NSTs.
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Originally Posted by SuitMyself View Post
There's a very old rule of thumb out there: Walk away and think about it for 24 hours. If you, after 24 hours, still find that you can't possibly live without it, then go back and buy it.

Originally Posted by Parker View Post
This is wise.

There is an anecdote in Manton's book about David Niven making sure any new item worked with multiple things in his wardrobe before purchasing. Something like that. The idea is to get maximum effect and use from each new purchase. Thought it was a good deterrent from acquiring stuff you don't really need.

+1 to both of these.

One of my pet hates when shopping is when I tell the guy I'll think about it, and he replies "well, don't think about it too long, otherwise it could be sold" (or something along those lines). That's usually enough to make me resist the urge. In any case, there will always be another jacket / pair of shoes / trousers etc.
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life is short, indulge!
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For the most part I don't buy anything on impulse. I used to be more prone to doing that but after a few costly mistakes that's changed. I'll mull it over and then do some comparison shopping and then decide one way or the other. An example of this is whether or not I should spend the money on a boot along these lines or not. I do have a legitimate need for a good high quality non insulated leather boot for day hiking and casual wear. I could save a bunch of money by getting them in calfskin but shell cordovan (horsehide) is tougher and more weather resistant not to mention just plain old cool.

How long have I been thinking about this? Oh probably the better part of 6 months now. Now it's time to save some money and get them. No regrets, no credit card bill and no second guessing. Just the way I like it.
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  • Stay away from here and every place or magazine that will tempt you.
  • If caught off-guard in a store, observe the 'wait 24hrs' rule previously posted.
  • When going shopping, dress well. If what is tempting you is no better than what you have on,
    do not buy.
  • Make purchasing decisions based on needs over desires.
Submitting to weakness may also prove to be great advice.
When enough purchasing regrets happen, we all slow down..well, until next time.
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Buying to replace is a great strategy but it takes a while to get to where that can actually happen. Crane's method sounds nice in writing but it may not always work in certain situations where stuff is limited... for example the next new design by Leather Soul. Some stuff may be sold out before you get a chance to debate on it, and in those times if I am certain of the value of something, I buy first then re-sell if necessary. Make mistakes, lots of them, but try to minimize the damage of those mistakes to your wallet. Keeping a list of things you "want" is an excellent idea, but don't beat yourself up if you buy outside that list. Sometimes things on the list may be deleted as well. Avoid most things that looks best when its brand new, when you buy something (usually shoes or jeans) that look better with age, you will more likely get the maximum value out of that piece. Lastly life's too short to save and thrift all the time, sometimes time is more important than money, so save yourself some time and buy that new whatever it is you've eying for the past 6 months.
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Believe me, not all of my purchases take months to figure out. LOL.
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I typically buy it with a credit card and then let it sit for a few days. This way I don't miss the sale or someone else taking it, and I've brought the garment home where I can think about it.

Most times the "score" (purchase and pocket) is half the fun. Once it's hanging in your closet for a day or so, it's not as exotic as before you had it. You start to honestly question if you need it or not.

I return a lot of stuff.
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This post speaks to me like a good church sermon. I've been eyeing the Plaza Wingtips on Leather Soul, and the temptation is maddening.
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If you want an honest answer that will actually help in the long run, you came lookin in the wrong place

There is no fighting the urge. You can't stop it. You can only hope to contain it.
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Fighting the urge has been a losing battle over the last year. The only way I succeeded was by telling myself that I would wait until an unbeatable deal came along on the best of whatever I was looking for. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this was the year of the retail fire sale and everything I wanted came cheap. Now i'm just spoiled and expecting to pick up everything at 50-80% off. I keep justifying it by telling myself that a recession of this magnitude does not come along very often.
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Originally Posted by why4009 View Post

bigbris1, where can I find a girl that looks like your avatar at a huge discount??

Her name is Lindsey Strutt.

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Originally Posted by SuitMyself View Post
Her name is Lindsey Strutt.

What is the discounted price?
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yessss.... let the urge flow right through you...

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The 24 hour rule is quite good. Sleep on it and if you wake up in the morning still obsessed with it , go back and buy it.

I try to only buy a few expensive garnments instead of a lot of cheaper ones.
I still spend too much because like with every addiction , the desired object is not "une fin en soi".

As soon as I buy the suit of my dream , a new project is coming keeping me awake at night.
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